100 thoughts on “Work Best Friends Swap Styles For A Day

  1. No shade but I would love for Nina to get a good supportive bra. I can tell by those bra straps that bra is for someone smaller chested.

  2. It'd be cool if best friends, one who works at buzzfeed and one at an actual office job, switched outfits to see what reactions a non-stereotypical office (buzzfeed) gives typical office clothes and the reactions a typical office job gives buzzfeed appropriate outfits

  3. all the buzzfeed channels should start buying from independent fashion stores and designers instead of supporting so much the fast fashion industry, they literally make at least one or two fashion videos a week of them buying stuff that they probably will only use once

  4. I don’t understand why Nina refuses to wear a proper bra for these outfit challenges!! Like if she only put the effort wearing a wired bra the whole outfit would have looked more flattering on her ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️


  6. Nina looked really cute but I feel like that top was not the most flattering for her chest area but Nina should start wearing more colors because it looks so good on her especially with her black hair

  7. Oh, her boobs. They look like balloons on her chest! She needs to wear a better bra, or Chloe should’ve accommodated her chest more.

  8. I did this last week with my friend who always wears crop tops and crazy fashion stuff and me, who wears skinny jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and vans. I was so uncomfortable and my butt did not fit in her pants?

  9. aww…you look like my daughter – Chloe
    HAHAHAHA!! – Nina
    omg, i'm so not used to seeing you like this!? – Chloe

    i was freaked out seeing Alex's standie being cheery and wavy when they are asking feedbacks from their co-workers. i thought he was video-bombing while being still

  10. Pls stop with the bra comments. That’s just how big boobs look when they are allowed to hang more naturally instead of pushed up with wires and strapped up uncomfortably. As a bigger chested girl myself, I get why some big chested girls choose to wear less supportive bras or choose bralettes. Wired bras and “supportive” bras can be very uncomfortable for big chested girls just because of the sheer weight and volume of the boobs. Imagine this structure of cloth and wire pushing together 5-8kg of meat from ur body upwards and strapping it together. It HURTS. So yeah, all that matters is that Nina is doing what’s comfortable for her. I don’t see a problem there.

  11. I love these videos but I prefer when you go to actual stores to do the shopping as that's an experience in it's own. I'm not a fan on online shopping.
    Personally I think Chloe looks amazing and Nina…just looks boring. Lol I'm sorry.?

  12. Chloe looks fabulous. Nina looks terrible. That style of top does not suit her unless it would be longer. The proportions are off because it is cropped and off the shoulder

  13. 8:47 at first i was like why is that dude waving and smiling like that this so weird until I realized it wasn’t a real human …

  14. Do style swaps with flea market. That would be intresting too. Or wear with other styles 1 week. i like your both style but still want to more experiencing, out of confort zone more 🙂

  15. Ok i have to ask isn't the hole point of these videos to push your friends Out Of There comfort zone?? But also making them look good!. ?

  16. Nina I love and adore your style. I am not saying I hated Nina's outfit but that top needed a good good bra. I know a million people have said this but it was not a great look.

  17. instead of buying from fast fashion brands for a single video and throw it away, maybe buzzfeed could partner up with small, independent fashion businesses and artists! just a tip!!

  18. Anyone else notice the tag hanging off chole's skirt when she first came out after changing? Makes me wonder if they return the clothes after using them for videos.

  19. Not trying to be mean but Nina really shouldn't be making style videos if she isn't willing to wear a supportive bra and do any of the styled outfits justice. I feel like it's unfair to us as viewers to not get a clear presentation of what each outfit looks like on each body type. Not to mention it's really distracting for the simple fact that they're down to her waist even in bralette, and it makes any top she puts on look so sloppy. I'm not trying to attack her this is simply my opinion that I know others would agree on. I mean even just wearing a bra for these style videos would be more than enough and great. ☺️

  20. I was wondering who Nina looked like then I realized she looks like the guy who gave that girl a really cringey kiss on that “Love at First Kiss” show on TLC

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