25 thoughts on “Venice beach closed after needles wash up near pier | ABC7

  1. surprising???? standard democratic shithole sanctuary city….its what you voted for

    wheres the surprise….DISGUSTING…YES

  2. Like I keep saying lately, the state of California will kill you in one fashion or another. From gang bangers….psychotic, drunk, drugged out freaks, to the stress of trying to provide food and shelter for you and your family, now you can't swim at the beach. What a joke. Get it together people. No wonder every state in the nation hates California. Point well taken.

  3. Good old Cocksuckafornia home of the we gots to save the environment and stop climate change!! Also one of thee dirtiest dumpstercRAT swamp donkey states in the union!!!!

  4. We should start blasting all our waste in space, then we won't ever worry about where it ends up until the space garbage catastrophe of the future where the space karma finally comes back to us in the year 7578 after enjoying thousands of years of clean earth, it finally comes back to haunt us. There won't be a greta thornberg distant offspring to yell at us bc shes a lesbian.

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