silk thread fish cut model bangles making

Hi Viewers Now we will see how to make Silk Thread Fish Cut Bangles. These are very easy to make, and the items/material required for this are.. Silk Thread and a gold color thread. Plastic Khada bangle metal bangles saree patches cutter glue kundans and stone chain Ok viewers now I am taking plastic bangle and applying glue at inner side. Took silk thread in 20 stands of 1meter size each. Applied glue at one end and left the other end free. Apply glue at inner side of bangle and stick the thread and wrap it around. Make sure you wrap it gently line by line. Like this..wrap the complete bangle. Ok viewers now our wrapping is done now. Just end like this and cut the extra thread and stick it. These are the metal bangles… Apply glue on the edge of this bangle. Apply the glue only on the edges. After that..stick a metal bangle on the edge like this. Press it gently so that bangles sticks well. Same way repeat on the other side too.. Both sides are stuck right…now let it dry for some time. This is the gold thread. It is much stiff actually. I am taking it in exact 6 strands Apply glue at one end to join them all. you can see here I have taken in 6 strands(lines). Ok, our bangle is dried now. Now apply glue at inner side. Apply much glue, so that thread sticks well. Because the thread is more stiff. Once after sticking the thread and it’s dry…. I am wrapping it in between the beads. Also make sure you wrap it in cross fashion…like the way I am doing.. It should be wrapped cross like this. It should look like adjacent cross lines. Showing the other line now. Like this finish the complete bangle. Ok. Now we are done with our bangle wrapping. It’s almost done by now. I am ending it here by sticking with glue and cutting it. Apply more glue so that thread sticks well. Remove extra thread with cutter. You can see now how the line are formed. Now apply glue again where we have ended previously. and stick the gold thread there. Ok, now I am forming or wrapping the lines in opposite direction to previous wraps. This wrapping is also similar but in opposite direction. I am wrapping the thread in between beads in cross fashion…. repeat this process for the entire bangle. Ok, it came to end now. Apply glue on inner side… Cut the extra thread now. Press it gently so that thread sticks well Now we will make a design in middle. That’s why I kept the gap here. You can see here. It looks like a fish cut here. It looks so shiny as we have used gold thread here. Apply glue in middle. we are sticking saree patch here. On both sides applying glue. Sticking drop shape kundans there. on both sides. now.. I am applying glue on outline of these kundans. I am measuring with stone line and cutting approx 4 stones.. Sticking those here.. Like that same way I am sticking other edges too.. I have stuck these stones on all sides. Now our design is ready. Our fish cut bangle is ready. It’s so shiny also. you too can try these bangles. thanks for watching my video. Please subscribe..! Please let me know your comments Thank you.

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