Ricoma Reviews:  R&R Customs  | Ricoma CHT2 Multihead Commercial Embroidery Machine

Embroidery has always been basically the
first, love and we’ve been embroidering right now for a total of like ten years
the design work I mean seeing the look on the clients face when you hand it to
them I love it I’ve loved it since day one I’m still
loving it today well my name is uh Robert Walker and the name of the
company is R&R custom embroidery and screen printing the actual name came
from my wife her name is Rachel and my name is Robert so we figured R&R would
be the best possible solution for starting the business we have a six head
and we have the 1501 those are the two machines that we actually use right
now but we depend a lot upon the six head to do and head up a lot of the
projects you know six that can handle volume beyond your wildest imagination
to be honest with you if you have an order of 24 you’re gonna load 24 times
on the single heads so a single head embroiderer is no possible way to be able
to petition that type of business you won’t be able to handle it and then
you talk about a one-day turnaround that’s unrealistic and if you do and
trust me we’ve experienced its staying up all day all night we went
through it we’d wake up bright and early in the morning and we’d run all through
the night so we finish up like 5:00 in the morning just to do 300 pieces and we
knew right then that this wasn’t gonna cut it so my wife was like we gotta
invest in more machines so we started looking around for companies that could
provide us with a six head and then at reasonable price Ricoma so far ahead of
most of the companies that we petition when it came to the pricing of the
six heads like the company we started with they wanted a little bit over $80,000
for six heads but Ricoma offered it for like a fraction of what they were
asking I say people if you’re watching do your homework we did we had to I
could have two six heads and also a four head about $80,000 16 total heads
running as opposed to six that’s a no-brainer it should be for anybody
that’s out there in the industry trying to make money and I’m telling you I
could easily set this machine up for any client
run any design on that machine and I’ll guarantee you it will compete with any
machine out on the market today and I’m telling you I’m not just saying that
I’ve lived it and I’m telling you this machine will do exactly what it says
it’ll do and I love it simply because one reason most machines will give you
continuous issues after issues when it comes to thread breaks and tensions but
this machine has accepted like every design that we put into it it will
stitch continuously as long as the bobbin hose up it’ll keep right on going
as long as the thread doesn’t run out it’ll keep right on going so we’ve not
had 10% worth of problems when it comes to caps flats we run flats they have not
had zero and I say zero we’ve not messed up one garment yet on
this machine I would say we’ve done cap wise 30,000 units since six months ago
roughly about 200 a day to roughly enough
like I said 800 a day and of course like any machinery starting up there’s some
trial and error so we went through that but it was very minimized but see this
is the beauty of Ricoma if we need the equipment we need the personnel we need
to support the coma is giving it to us for any embroider out there that just
speaks volume by itself when a person says you know what I want you to succeed
it’s a no-brainer for us on a daily basis of here people say I got thirty
pieces to do this is taking me entirely too long what do you recommend I say I
recommend the multi in it I really do it will pay for itself because the least
amount of time you spend in the lab you’re making more money it’s a
no-brainer get the business and embroider it send it to them do the math it’s real
simple mathematics tho I promise you we made major strides in the first year all
right our custom embroidery is planned for the future is real
then we’re running a total of 13 heads in the next 90 days we want to double
that capacity next is to drum up even more business and then by the end of the
year being able to touch our first million dollars hope to do way more
business with ricoma in the future I really do its been a great partnership
so far and like I said it’s just the way they go at it and the way they say you
know what let’s get this guy what he needs to be successful and not only do
they talk about it but they do it if you’re watching this video anybody I’m
telling you you will not go wrong by purchasing this machine if you have the
room you have the space you have the volume or the potential to gain volume I
promise you this will be the way to go for that price you better hurry up
before Ricoma realizes what they have that’s what I tell anybody

3 thoughts on “Ricoma Reviews: R&R Customs | Ricoma CHT2 Multihead Commercial Embroidery Machine

  1. With the up most respect, the heart size logo printed on front of your T-shirt’s is very low placed. I thought it would go above the chest/breast area….just an observation not trying to criticize good luck in all of your future endeavors from one embroidery business owner to another

  2. There is a learning curve to everything and everyone always wants to go to hats for their first piece. Rob Walker does an outstanding job with a majority of the pieces I've seen via the facebook group. But it's not as easy as plug n play as they want you to think. Having my machine for 3 months now I am just starting to be able to get through projects without a huge amount of anxiety and stress. Having had no prior experience with embroidering.

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