Patching your Sticky Back Stabilizer | Thursday Quick Tip | Needles Embroidery

hey guys it’s Whitney your host with Needles Embroidery today I’m going to be talking about how to patch your
stabilizer and I am using my fast frame today but this also works if you are
using your stabilizer your sticky back stabilizer on your hoops simple um I get
asked often how do I save my stabilizer how do I get the most out of my
stabilizer without having to go through so much and especially on those little
bitty pieces like for this one it was just a name and I don’t want to have to
tear this all the way off and use a whole bunch for later so I am going to
be patching I cut a little bit of my stabilizer off. As I was cutting it off
the roll. I’ll show you as I cut my stabilizer off the roll I have a little
bit left over okay and I just cut down at the bottom and
then cut it off right about the time and that gives me the perfect little
patching it’s perfect for patching these little Spades right there
so all I do is flip it over take the back off I can chuck that and if there’s
a tear in it like this one has a little tear in it all I’m going to do is make
sure that my stabilizer covers that and then I pull to make it tight you don’t
want to just stick it on there and it be really loose otherwise it won’t work for
you I kind of do a little finger press make sure all the little parts are down
and then tada you’re ready to go then I stick this on my machine and
go like normal now the only thing the only difference about this is Patchen
only works so many times before the actual bottom layer or the original
layer becomes loose so if you know that you’re going to be patching make sure
that you cut your stabilizer a little bit wider than your sorry writer than
your fast frame so you can wrap it around and then finger press around the
sides that way when it starts working it it can’t pull in it stays put so that is
your Thursday tip thanks for watching and we will see you guys later
say good bye bye alright guys that is the video that I have made for you today
thank you so much for watching please leave your comments down below and any
other video ideas that you may have for me I am back into the swing of things
with my videos and editing and all that stuff and if you liked the shirt that I
was wearing and during this video check out the video that I have for you it is
the mom life vinyl shirt that I made and it’s still one of my favorites so go
check that out and I will catch you all in the next one bye

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