[Official] Until We Meet Again | ด้ายแดง Ep.3 [1/4]

Sorry guys. Did you wait long? Not too long What did the teacher say? Almost fail It’s too difficult What’s difficult? I told you to submit the work early Stop lecturing Teacher told me to give you this You almost fail as well At least I submitted three days early Teacher also gave me this It’s In’s work He was the first person to submit the work In was smart He got A+ He was smart He was really smart He wanted to get a first-class honors degree He said he wanted to make his parents proud I can’t believe it I don’t have a chance to see him anymore This hurts He’s my best friend I don’t even know the reason for his death I didn’t even go this funeral I didn’t get to say good bye Do you think it was painful? I’m so worried that he would be in pain I’m sure he wasn’t in pain He would let us know somehow if he’s in pain Damn it He couldn’t even make an omelet Why did he suddenly leave me just like that? Damn He was working on his omelet for a week He still couldn’t make it He forced me to eat his burnt omelet I couldn’t take it anymore Cooking is seriously his weakness Don’t you think so? I told him once That he would never be able to cook He was so angry at me Let’s go guys Let’s find something to eat Please don’t be sad I’m still waiting to try your food I’m still waiting Hello Win We will be leaving at 7am Don’t be late! Why is he so moody today? I don’t know He was like this since yesterday I don’t know who did this to him He scolds at everyone Shit What should we do? So This is Pharm Who you always talk about Pharm is here to deliver the snack boxes that we ordered Where should we put all these? Let me ask Dean Pharm is here. Let Pharm asks him Come on It’s okay Go Dean These snack boxes… Just put them Pharm Here are the snack boxes for the swimming club Thank you Yesterday Thank you For helping me Also I’m sorry For leaving you just like that It’s just that… It’s okay This is for you There’s your name written on it So, it won’t mixed up with other boxes Thank you I gotta go Why did you get the star-shaped Look Choup? You’re such a cheater How come? Look Other people just get simple shapes Only you that get the star-shaped ones Just stay in your seat It seems that you are happier once there’s sugar in your bloodstream

100 thoughts on “[Official] Until We Meet Again | ด้ายแดง Ep.3 [1/4]

  1. *Yo emocionada al entrar al vídeo*: NUEVO CAPÍTULO! YASSSSS

    *Yo un minuto después*: T^T no estoy llorado, es alergia T^T

  2. Oiiiiii……..!!!!!??? aku suka bangt sama drama satu ini!!!??
    Untuk produser dan penulis sumpah kelen luar biasa. I love this drama very much. I like every scene in this drama. I also have read novel and i love it too.???. Keep fighting for make the best drama for this year. I love you all.?????

  3. 1:09 damn that actually made me cry and its very rare for me to cry in any series. In was such smol ball of sunshine, he and Korn didn't deserve such a tragic end… ,T_____T,

    "I dont have a chance to see him anymore… he was my best friend…" Perth:((( those words hit me hard

  4. I’ve been seeing UWMA be posted by other youtubets but I go back here over and over to support this channel ❤️

    I’m addicted to this series and I feel like this is going to be the biggest BL series of the year. Though we’ve had and we have a lot of great BLs this year. For me this takes the cake ??????????

  5. Siiiiiii que bien gracias por los subtítulos en español son un amor que cautivador es esta serie me encanta ?❤?

  6. Pharm and Dean are really cute. But to be honest I like waaay better Korn and in..they just look soo good together. I wish they were the main couple.❤??

  7. I keep relating to this show because there's just so many break up stuff in it
    This ain't healthy for me 'cause I'm in that phase rn but I can't stop watching it

  8. This is a nice series but I do feel uneasy cause it sometimes feels like it romanticizes suicide a little puts me on edge. I understand a lot of eastern faiths believe in reincarnation and stuff but its still a bit difficult to understand for someone like me who doesn't believe in it or even understand it.

  9. Perth never fails to amaze me everytime. He was a superb actor and a very talented star.
    But honestly, I fell inlove with perth with his character . No joke guys. He's very humble and mature even though he's just 18 yrs old. I dont know, I just love him the way he is ?❤??.
    Ill gonna love and support this guy until the end. ❤

  10. I thought In died and was reincarnated as Pharm. I'm getting confused with the parallel timeline now cuz Perth and his friends are as young as Pharm? Is that part another flashback?

  11. Soy la única que ha notado que P'Win fue muy confianzudo con Team desde un inicio…
    Y que Team parece no importarle algunas veces?

  12. oooooh it's peeeerth uwu

    Also, that piano intro upon Pharmesan's snack box delivery sounded like it would go A Thousand Miles. Lol.

  13. I really hope that they can create a farewell scene or a closure from the old perth to the reincarnated IN/PHARM coz their parting is just too painful. IDK just wishful thinking

  14. 1st scene I crying?Perth(Miss him too aft LBC) missing In very much and think back the memory with his friends. Last scene I smile… Pharm(His smile warm my heart) meet Dean… Look Choup? Dessert❤️. 10min just like play one time roller-coaster…Love to watched UWMA.. Tdy 1.12.2019

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