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Korea is one of the top places to take care of any skin concerns. This is why Mary flew all the way from the Philippines to get some anti-aging procedures done. Due to the sheer amount of choice out there, Mary felt that she needed the help of a medical tourism agency. This is why she contacted Seoul Guide Medical to help her using their insider knowledge in things like skincare, plastic surgery and even dental care. After speaking with one of Seoul Guide Medical senior consultants, She went ahead to have a consultation and skin analyzed. The state-of-the-art technology takes pictures of different layers of the skin which helps determine the best course of action. After analyzing her pigmentation, redness wrinkles, skin type and UV damage, it was decided that she would benefit from the BB shine treatment which would exfoliate and rehydrate her skin at the same time. Also, HIFU laser which would help tighten her skin. After consulting with the doctor, she also decided to undergo procedure called thread lift, which is very popular in Korea to further tighten her face. During the doctors part of the consultation, when I saw guide medical senior consultants is there to translate and explain any questions she may have. Before we continue, check out after watching this video for more information First, she underwent a BB shine treatment. This is a very relaxing treatment where the nozzle gently exfoliates your skin using water. It gets rid of dead skin cells which can lead to clogged pores breakouts and dull-looking skin then the nozzle is replaced and hydrating serums are infused into her skin. BB shine treatments are great for people whose skin is very sensitive And you don’t want to undergo a treatment that would possibly cause flaking such as an acid peel This is why many people Come and get this procedure done on their lunch break as they can return back to work looking fresh and glowy After all her impurities and skin buildup have been removed, she’s placed under skin rejuvenation light which repairs the skin on a cellular level. Next, a diatomaceous earth mask is applied to her face and left on for around 15 minutes. The mask feels cooling on the face and is made up of tiny fossilized microorganisms called diatoms which are made up of a substance called silica. Regular usage of this mask helps improve skin roughness eczema, rashes, acne and damaged skin After her relaxing BB shine, she came in for her HIFU treatment after I’d left the next day Pictures are taken of her before so that the end result can be compared. After having numbing cream applied and left on for roughly 20 minutes, so it has the maximum numbing effect the HIFU laser is used. Even though it’s called a laser, it can more be compared to an ultrasound that uses electrical currents to create heat tightening the muscle and its surrounding tissues. This procedure is for those who have early signs of aging in the forms of sagging skin but whose case isn’t severe enough to require a face of just yet. After the HIFU treatment, another diatomaceous earth mask is applied, as well as the rejuvenation light. [music playing] Then it was time for our Thread lift. After getting her face disinfected, the doctor marked the entry points where he would insert the threads making sure the amount inserted would give her an adequate lift. Although her face was already numbed from the HIFU treatment previously, a local anesthetic injection is administered so that there is minimal amounts of pain involved. Once the area is numbed, the procedure begins. The doctor carefully insert the strings into her cheek, as you can see there is no significant amount of pain. Just like high food, this procedure is good for those whose case isn’t quite severe enough to require a facelift. Instead of removing the sagging skin, it’s pulled taut instead making the recovery process much quicker and less taxing on the body. The threats trigger sort of healing response in the body making it produce more collagen. The human body is designed in a way that it tries to expel for an object within it meaning that there will be a continuous healing process happening around the thread. Due to the thread being underneath the skin, the patient never feels and knew this. Some patients experience some swelling and soreness right after the procedure, but this is very normal. The results are immediate and continued improvement can be seen for up to two months. [music playing] After the procedure, you are given a special compression bound. This is to help reduce swelling and possible bruising. It will feel tight in your skin as it is there to apply an even amount of pressure on your face Checkup is optional but not necessary due to it being a small procedure. During the aftercare process, It’s as important to not rub your face vigorously while washing for at least a week after the treatment. Mary left a clinic happy with a lifted face, excited to share her results with our friends and is looking forward to returning to the clinic again. Seoul is the capital of plastic surgery, skin, dental, vision correction, and other medical treatments Seoul Guide Medical is here to find you the best doctors, the best procedures and take care of you from start to finish Contact us at [email protected] for a free consultation with our specialists Let us take care of everything and create a customized treatment plan that is right for you. We help you with airport pickup, accommodations, in-clinic translations, aftercare, and hold your hand every step of the way Visit our website at for more information. Seoul Guide Medical. Happy patients, always.

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  1. It is surprising to see that you can literally lift up the skin with a pinch of a needle and some thread! I wonder who invented this technology, hahhaaha

  2. I am travelling alone to Korea and would like to get some treatments done. Do you guys arrange airport pick-up or provide accommodation?

  3. So you can see the results straight after or do you need to wait a certain amount of time till you get full results?

  4. Innovative treatments! One question, though, was she asleep during the thread lift? If not, is there an option to be asleep?

  5. I didn’t know this even existed until watching this!! I’ll tell my auntie about it as it sounds perfect for her ??

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