New Serger Unboxing! Whitney Sews

hi everyone I’m Whitney and I post a new
sewing video here on my youtube channel every single Wednesday recently I’ve had
a lot of people asking if I can do tutorials on using a serger or people
ask if I have a serger or if I’ve replaced my broken serger and if you
don’t know already my serger that I had been using in the past broke last year
it was right about a year ago and I was surging through some denim on an
upcycling project and I hit a thick seam and the upper looper and lower looper
both broke at the same time it was it was really scary actually and I looked
into repairing it and the parts alone with shipping and everything we’re going
to be about a hundred dollars and then quite a bit of tedious work on my part
and that is just hoping that those are the only two issues because I couldn’t
tell if like the timing had been thrown off or anything like that until those
parts were repaired so I decided not to go that route and repair it myself I
wanted to go ahead and start fresh with a brand new serger and because of
everything that I went through last year I just couldn’t deal with trying to make
a decision on what serger to buying everything last year so I finally got
around to ordering a new one last Sunday and it arrived and I’m going to unbox it
in this video today so this feels like such a big deal to me because I realized
that this is the first brand new sewing machine of any sort that I have
purchased my very first sewing machine that I got when I was about 14 my
parents got it for me for a Christmas present and I used that all the way
through college and then I started buying vintage sewing machines at thrift
stores and garage sales I paid anywhere from about $4 to $15 on my vintage
sewing machines I found some incredible deals and then I had a hand-me-down
serger that I had been using so when I decided to purchase a brand-new serger
it didn’t dawn on me until just the past day or two that this is the first brand
new machine I have purchased and it just is so super exciting
so the surgery that I finally decided to get is the Juki pearl line MO-654DE serger it has two three and four thread capabilities and differential
feed and I just heard a lot of really really great things about Juki’s and I
wanted to try this one out so I do decide to splurge a little bit and I got
a package deal that included the serger eight different additional feet
attachments eight spools of thread a heavy-duty carrying case and fifty extra
serger needles I think as I go through the owner’s manual I am going to see so
many things that this serger can do that I never even knew it was possible
because in the past I have just used a serger as finishing raw edges that is
all I did was finish raw edges with it I didn’t even know there was all these
different options of ways that you can use the two three or four threads to get
different looks and finishes and things I had no idea just I had never explored
the world of sergers before since I was just using hand-me-down and had some
issues with in stuff so I was just happy to get it to work for finishing raw
edges so now that I have a brand new machine I cannot wait to explore all the
different things that sergers can be used for and if you want more details on
this machine in a particular I will have some links down below in the description
box and I still don’t know everything about it I have not even set it up yet
so I am definitely not an expert on this machine but like I said the links down
below will have more details and while I’m talking about the serger I did want
to say a huge thank you to a couple of people who donated money toward me
getting a new serger there was two people in particular who sent money
through my paypal and that was just so very kind and generous and I am so so
grateful I am so thankful that my tutorials are able to help people learn
how to sew and learn different projects and encourage people
so much so that you want to give back to my channel that just blows my mind that
you all are so generous like that and also thank you to everyone who has used
my Amazon affiliate links or my ibotta referral link because I did use some
earnings from those as well toward purchasing this serger so thank you so
much to everyone you all helped me get this serger so I in turn can learn how
to use it and teach you all more about how to use a serger so I am super
excited to get started using my serger and I hope to do videos on how to use it
in the future first I have to figure out the basics of course and but yeah you
can expect to see some stuff about using your serger in the future and I am also
excited so I think that is it for today sorry I didn’t have time to get a
full tutorial together I just wanted to give you all the good news that I do
have a serger again and we are back in business I’ve been super busy lately and
that’s why there’s not a full tutorial today but I have lots of ideas for
projects I am hoping to start working on soon and yeah I will have a couple of
videos linked right over here to the side that you should definitely check
out and make sure you are subscribed by clicking my picture right down there so
you don’t miss out on the surging videos and other sewing tutorials that will be
coming up and until next time happy sewing

43 thoughts on “New Serger Unboxing! Whitney Sews

  1. What kind of serging tutorials would you like to see on Whitney Sews?!? Let me know in the comments 🙂

  2. wow, just what I've been looking at, very nice machine.. congrats.. lets us learn a long the way with you and your trials and tribulations.

  3. Congratulations on the new machine. I have a basic Brother serger, looking forward to your upcoming serger videos . I hardly use mine but would like to

  4. So happy for you to get a serger! You'll have to use that bag and bring it sometime so we can play.

  5. Hey Whitney I couldn't believe it when I saw the notification of your new video. It's so incredible yesterday I ordered a Juki server MO 600 series!!!! It's my very first serger ever. I'm going to receive it at the end of the month and I can't wait to inbox it let alone use it!!!?????????

  6. YAY!! Congrats!!! Super jazzed for the new machine. I have had nothing but amazing experiences with my Juki. I hope you experience the same! =)

  7. So glad you were able to get one. I haven't really used mine. It seems intimidating. I'm anxious to learn with you.

  8. I'm so happy for you, I have the same one my first Juki that I bought, I love it soooo much that I found the Juki MO-644D on Let go for 75. I bought it… I love Juki ???

  9. Congratulations on your new serger. I have had one for nearly two years and still don’t know how to use it properly so I eagerly look forward to your tutorials as you make things seem so easy and straightforward. Many thanks and enjoy.

  10. Yay! Congrats on the NEW serger. I would like to see anything with the serger. I don’t have one and I’ve never used one. My Aunt purchased one but we haven’t figured out how to use it yet. All those needles to thread and how to do them are a bit intimidating to both of us. Any help and guidance you give us would be appreciated. Looking forward to you using the serger in upcoming videos. So happy for you. ??? Hugs!?

  11. I have never used one but have wondered about them. Would love to see how you use it from the beginning and what can be done with it.

  12. Oh!! Whitney, I feel terrible.. I have a server still in the box for 14 yrs???? I've watched the video 100+ times and scarred to death of it!!!!! It's brand new but old at the same time….so I will be watching your videos for sure….so embarrassed to tell you that….

  13. I'm so excited for you! I have a nice serger myself but like one of your commenters, it's just so intimidating! It's not a Juki, it's a Brother, but I'm sure the basics are the same. I look forward to seeing you teach anything, I need to get over this fear of the serger monster!!! LOL

  14. I am just starting to lean to make kids clothes.  Maybe some VERY simple little girls dresses costumes.  Thanks for all you do Whitney.

  15. Wonderful news.  I've had my JUKI for 25 years and have sewed lots and lots of garments with it, everything from baby burp cloths and my nightgowns to a quilted winter coat. I wish I had saved all the empty thread cones so I knew how many I've used. Never had any problems with it, and still love it especially for sewing knit garments.  As you are learning, I'd like to suggest that you make samples of sewing with different settings and feet and label them carefully, maybe in a notebook. Because when you need to do something out of the ordinary, you can check your samples to find the right way.  Happy serging.

  16. A few weeks ago I bought a Singer serger at a discount store. It's still in it's box. I really don’t know how to get started with it. So a basic tutorial to get me going would be great.

  17. Congrats on the new serger! I know how to do the basics and that's pretty much all I do with mine. For newbies, I think showing how to thread it and then explaining how the stitches work.

  18. Congratulations in getting a good serger! I bought one last year , a different ( but cheap) brand and it broke too soon. I also only used my serger for sewing stretched fabrics with a nice finish edges and I have no idea what to do other than that :)) So if you figure out other ways to use a serger i will be glad to learn about them too. Careful with the pins: the serger does not like to chew on them :))

  19. Congrats on the new serger! Can you recommend a regular single needle sewing machine. My husband bought me a new one after we got married 28 yrs ago. It was a kenmore, it was an awesome machine, but started giving me so much trouble, I dreaded sewing because of battling with my machine. I eventually bought a cheap used brother, had it a few years now, & it’s acting up badly. I would greatly appreciate any advice of a good new one. Thanks so much! ❤️

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