Needle Tatting around a ring

hello everybody I’m making this tutorial today because one of my subscribers Brady Sherman asked me if I could do a tutorial on how to turn around a ring so I didn’t have any plastic rings but I felt one of these rubber uh-oh I forgot the name it’s for plumbing it’s a rubber off man it just fit my mind but my husband has some laying around and I said you know what I’m gonna use them so this is what I did on the ring and I’m gonna show you how to do it now so you’re gonna need any type of ring that you want to cover with and you know the ideal thing would be that you have a you have a ring with the with the same color as your the same color as your thread right but like I said I just use what I could find and in my thread is a Qui and my ring is black so we’re gonna work with it for this tutorial you uh you actually will work better if you cut your thread from your ball but since I didn’t bring my sister’s with me to be your tip I not gonna cut it so how you would do it is you you have your your thread from your ball and then you thread your needle so you want to leave a very long tail because you’re gonna be working mostly with your tail okay so um okay so this is how you do it you put your thread right in front and then you go back there with your thread so it’s right in the middle of your ring and then you’re gonna grab it with your needle and you’re gonna create a loop just like that right I’ll loop like that and then with your needle you gotta go into the loop okay so before you tie in that loop I want you to pull the thread towards you and then down see that okay and then you’re gonna pull the thread in the back and continue to go up until your little little half knot it’s on the top okay and then you have this loop in the back when you did that so you’re going to go inside the loop with your needle and time it and then you got your first double stitch my camera it’s not focusing but I know this is kind of kind of up it’s not the easiest thing to do but once you get it you’ll be able to do it so I’m gonna do it in slow motion so you can see it better so you okay so let’s do another one so you throw your thread in the back pull it through with your needle go inside the loop pull it through and pull it down so the loop is not on the top anymore but it’s on the bottom and then pull it back with your needle so when you pull it back your loop is going now on the top again and then you have this loop and then you go in there with with your needle and then you have two double stitches okay let’s do that one more time you’re see we’re not doing anything with our thread from our ball we’re only using the one from our needle so you can just forget about that one just don’t cut it too short so you can tie a knot on it okay so pull it through the ring go in the loop okay put it through down okay now pull it back through your ring make it kind of tight and go inside with your needle in the loop and then you have three double stitches now I’m going to show you how to make a picot you do the same thing to your ring through the loop okay but now we’re gonna leave a gap right here but like leaving a gap when we pull it down we have a gap right here see the little gap right there we’re not pushing it close to the rest of our stitches we just live in a little gap right there and now we’re going to pull it back right and then pull it up and here is our people right here see that and now going through the loop just like that bring it together and slide it over and we have a pickle just like that why my light is so bright out here there you go okay I hope this video was what you were am asking for Brett Brady I’m sorry Brady thank you so much for your suggestion and if you have any other questions or anybody that there has any other questions and if I can and I’m able to help you feel free to leave a comment send me a message or just ask have a good day and thank you for watching

12 thoughts on “Needle Tatting around a ring

  1. Thank you! Thank you for slow! This video is so detailed and easy for me to follow. I can't wait to practice. (I think that's called a washer)
    Thanks again!

  2. Thank you! this tutorial is much better than written word, which is what I tried initially! I got it in about 15 minutes watching the tutorial. Now, I'm going to cut my practice thread off the ring (Which is getting fuzzy from untatting and retatting), get a new piece of thread, and I'm making a pair of earrings!

  3. Do you have any projects using the covered ring? I made one up. By watching your videos I have gained the confidence to try new things. I made up a pattern but am not happy with how I started tatting after the ring was covered. I was told to cover the ring by crocheting around it. I did that but then I did not know how to start the tatting. I finally got the earrings done, but I am sure there must be an easier way. Can you help me? Thank you in advance. I get so much from all your videos. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. Thank you for working on the covered ring project. I am going to do the covered ring with tatting and see if it is easier to start a pattern. Thank you again for sharing all your patterns and knowledge. Have a beautiful day.

  5. Your speech patterns are very soothing and sweet. I think if you told me a story I'd just sit and listen! ?. Thank you for the tutorial, I can't wait to get started on making these earrings for my next craft fair!

  6. You do great videos, Maria! Do you know this other way to tat onto a ring? For me, it is much simpler than switching the stitch back and forth.
    You do need to cut thread, as with yours. I find using a tapestry needle easier, esp. for small rings, hairclips, etc,
    1.To start, make a loop and lay it in front, pointing upward.Push needle through to back of ring and bring forward through the loop – this forms half a DS.
    2. Take the needle up over the ring and bring it forward. Then pass it back through the loop that forms. You should now have a full DS.
    3. Push the needle through the ring to the back and bring forward through the loop that forms.
    4. As step 2.
    3 and 4 form your DS. Repeat right around the ring.
    For a picot, form step 3 as far from the previous DS as needed for the picot size. Hold it there while you do step and finsh the DS. Then slide the DS into place.
    That's all. ๐Ÿ™‚

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