Needle Tatting – #2 Adding Beads (b): method one by RustiKate

The first method I am going to show you for adding beads to your tatting is going to look like this as an end result. You can see how the bead is kind of in the
picot and it hangs freely. The first thing you want to do before you
start your project, is take one or two of the beads that you are
thinking of using and slide them on your needle. See how they fit and if they will slide all
the way down. So you can see this one it slides down but
it gets stuck on the eye of the needle so it doesn’t slide down your thread. So Typically I don’t use beads if they don’t
slide all the way down. But if you want to use a really small, fine,
bead and it has this problem then what you can do, if you are using this
method, is simply slide the needle off and string
the number of beads that you are going to be using directly onto the thread. And just go ahead and string all of them onto
the thread. And then you will rethread your needle. Now I have changed beads and this time I am
going to try these for a fit. I am going to be using for this project one,
two, three, four, five beads, slide them down and see those ones go easily
onto the tail. Just slide them down until they are kind of
out of the way abit. And just let them rest right there. Now at this point you are going to go ahead
and start whatever pattern you are using. And I am going to say that mine is 3ds, p, 3ds. And then the pattern says to add a bead, or if it says picot, and you just wanting
to add a bead, all you’re going to do is slide one of those
beads up your thread right up against your tatting. And then go ahead and finish up as if you
were making a picot. I’m just going to do that ds on the other
side. I am going to do 3ds, p , 3ds And we are ready to close our ring. But we want to take a look at this really
quick. See what it looks like and how the center
bead, here, is taking the place of the center picot. And you can see how it’s hanging on the picot
thread. And that thread is the thread that comes from
your ball. Ok so we are going to slide it off. Go ahead and close your ring like you would
normally, right like that, make your knot and there you have it. So I have gone ahead and reversed my work
and made my chain, and then reversed my work again. And I am ready to start my second ring. I am going to go ahead and do 3ds, I’m going to join it to the last picot of
the previous ring. Make 3ds. At this point we are ready to add another
bead. so we simply slide the bead down the thread, add it to our needle, finish it as if we are making a picot. Making sure we have 3ds on this side, p, 3ds. To complete that ring and we are simply going
to close our work. Right like that. And now, we have two beads. There’s many variations in this method of
adding beads, and the next one that I want to show you is
a triple bead add, or multiple bead add. And so with this I am going to string 3 beads
onto my thread, just going to slide it right down Onto my
thread. And since I am only going to be making one
ring to demonstrate this, and I am only going to be using 3 beads total, that’s all I am sliding on right now. But if you were to be making a project that,
say, had 12 rings on it, and each ring was going to have one bead. Then you would want to string all 12 beads
on at this point. But for this project I am only going to be
doing the one ring, with the 3 beads in it, so we have the 3 strung. Ok at this point I am going to go ahead and
make my 3ds, p, 3ds. And then here I am going to do my triple bead, and so how I go about doing this, is, I am going to slide all 3 beads down at once, and then I am going to go ahead and finish,
like it’s a picot. And then I am going to do my 3 ds, p, 3ds
to finish out my ring. Then close your work. Right like that. You can see how that lays. Here’s another variation using the same method. This time I want my bead to hang very freely
and dangle. So I am going to go ahead and I’m just going
to make one ring. And I only want one bead on that ring, so
I am only stringing one bead onto my thread. And again if you are doing multiple, you need
to string all of your beads on at this time. I am going to go ahead and do 3ds, p, 3ds. Ok, I am ready to add my bead. I slide my bead up, and this time instead
of putting it completely flush to my tatting, I am going to leave a bit of a gap. This is like you would do if you were making
a large picot. You can use your finger as a spacer. So I am going to go ahead and do that. I am going to pull my thread down tight, as
if I’m doing a very large picot. I am going to go ahead and finish up my 3ds,
p, 3ds, and then close my ring. Make a knot at the top. You can see how that really hangs loose and
dangles quite well. Bead Variation: joined picot bead
So the last variation I am going to show you in this method of adding beads is one in which
you add a bead also to your joined picots. So I will be showing you this next and I want
you to note that when you are stringing your beads onto your needle you are only going
to string the beads that are dangling free, you’re not going to string the joined one.
So in counting for this one we are going to add one, two, three beads onto our needle
to begin. This will make a little more sense once you see it come together. So string 3
beads all the way down onto our thread. And then we are going to go ahead and make our
3ds, and instead of doing a picot like we did before we are going to stop right there
and we are going to go ahead and slide our first bead up flush to our tatting. Go ahead
and do our next 3ds and this is going to be the picot that would normally be coming off
from the side. Now we are ready for our second picot. Slide that bead right up to where the
picot would be, 3 ds and this one right here is going to be the picot that your next ring
is going to join to. It’s going to be this one and this is a step we are going to pay
really close attention to because this one we are not going to add a bead at this point.
We are going to leave it as a free picot. So go ahead and make a normal picot, 3 ds
and close and reverse your work. Right like that. I am going to go ahead and make a chain
really quick and then we will proceed to the next step.
As you can see I went ahead and made my chain, reversed my work and made the first 3ds of
my second ring. At this point you would normally join to the free picot but since we are going
to be adding a bead this is a very important step for you to see very clearly. I am going
to be using a larger bead in this step just so that you can see it a little bit better.
And I have also made my picot larger than normal. So what you are going to do is you
want to make sure you have a crochet hook that has a small enough hook on it that it
can fit through the hole in your bead . And then you are going to go and you are going
to loop your picot onto your crochet hook, pull your picot through your bead hole. And
then once you have it through you can remove your hook and you are going to want to take
your tatting needle and pass it through that little bit of picot that is sticking through
your bead hole. Slide it down against the rest of your tatting. And then just as if
it was a picot you are going to start your tatting again on the other side. So 3 more
ds and then you are going to add your bead to make that tip bead look like this one.
And so you are going to go down and get that bead that you have on your string and you
are going to slide it down to your tatting. Start your ds on the other side as if you
made a picot, 3 more ds and do your free picot because this is where you are going to want
to join your next ring bead picot to. Ok. And you are ready to close and reverse your
work. Just right like that. You can see how the picot joins through the bead. And this
picot is free because when you make your next chain and next ring it’s going to join to
that one. So go ahead and try this step a few times. Go back and watch the video again
if you need to.

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  1. It depends on the project. You can go as large as you like and as small as will fit on your thread (if you are using this "method one" of adding beads to tatting). I typically like to only use beads that will fit over my needle, usually 5mm or larger, with a hole larger than 2.75mm. Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. Hi Katie- Thanks for the video. I was wondering what type of thread you are using here. It looks like crochet #10, but I've only seen them in "balls" not in this form. Where do you get it?

  3. This is my fav thread. It is size 10 DMC Baroque Crochet Cotton, Ecru. It comes in colors too, but I most often use ecru or white. It isn't super easy to find, but you can get it on Amazon, directly from DMC, and at some Michaels craft stores. Check your local sewing/craft/thread store, though, you never know they may have it too. Hope that helps! 😉

  4. Oh, yes, I would like to be able to explain in Italian too. I hope that the video, being able to see the steps does help, even though I cannot speak your language. Happy tatting! 🙂

  5. I've seen designs where the beads are in the center of the ring. Is this a split ring technique? The bead appears to have a chain on either side and enclosed in the center. Can you explain how that's done? Thank you.

  6. This is easy to do, Ann, but hard to explain. It is wildly done in shuttle tatting, but not so much in needle tatting. The workings of it are different in needle tatting, not hard, just different. I will do a video showing this technique for needle tatting.

  7. Yes, Valarie. Just go to my RustiKate youtube channel and look through my other videos, there are quite a few for beginners. So glad you like this, hope you will give tatting a try! 🙂

  8. Size 10 thread, size 5 needle, for most jewelry and foot thongs. If I want it a bit finer I would use a size 20 thread. Hope that helps! 🙂

  9. Thank you Kate, I love your style! Would you think we'll join soon your bracelet project? I really hope so..!!!! You're lovely, greetings from Italy!!!

  10. Can you tell me again, what you are asking? I missed responding when your message first came, and now I am not sure what you are asking. Happy tatting and blessings to you and all in Italy!!! 🙂

  11. Hi, there! Just joined this new world of tatting, after years of crochet and knitting! It's awesome! But got frustrated when i got here and saw the fuzzy video. I guess it's not meant for I pads. I(and other ipad users, i bet) would love to be able to watch this one! I loooove adding beads to everything! Thnx!

  12. Sorry that it is fuzzy for you, that is the first time I've heard anyone say that. It is HD and should be very clear. Must be a YouTube compatibility issue. Bummer! I'm happy that you have started tatting, that is great! 🙂 Maybe they will fix the viewing for Ipad users in the future, so that you will be able to enjoy these videos. I hope so. Happy tatting! 🙂

  13. Best tatting videos out there! Thank you Katy. Everyone, I also purchased one of Katy's patterns off Etsy and it is fabulous! Very thorough and easy to follow. What was the pattern you may ask? Katy's fabulous foot thongs! They work up beautifully, even for beginners.

  14. I love your work and am interested in learning how you complete these awesome projects but each time I click on a video I find that you skip parts which makes it hard to learn what you are doing…..  You always seem to skip the reverse and chain part which is what I want to see yolu do….

  15. I would love to learn how to make a barefoot sandel with beading for my sisters for this christmas, Something fancy, can you help me with this ?
    I try to follow directions from a chart, it's too hard for some reason following you is SO much easier

  16. Keep going with your patterns…HEY YALL SHE'S ON ETSY AND CRAFTSY…love love love your channel thanks for all that you do and share.

  17. Hi RustiKate, Thank you for responding, I was actually able to create my own pattern with beading. I Really appreciate your help. Maybe you would like to feature it in your sales, with a commision to me, If you send me a personal note,  I can send you a picture of it when I get the pictures done, Right now I am working on Getting my neice to pose for me. I also make children sizes, Cause My niece asked me to make one for her granddaughter, It came out soooo cute. Everyone LOVEs my design. I have made two different designs. But so far have not marketed them. I would love to sell them, but haven't the means yet. And don't know if I ever will have the means. It's still up in the air, In the mean time, I am making a ton of them

  18. In your Joining Picots video, the method you use shows a portion of the working thread pulled through the picot and slipped over the needle.  In this video, using the beads, you only slip the needle through the picot.  Any reason for the difference?

  19. I love the way you teach. There are plenty of videos geared toward brand new tatters, it's nice to have something that's intermediate so I don't have to watch a half hour long video every time I want to quickly learn how to do something new.

  20. wonderful tutorial, can I ask what size bead work with size 5 needle please, thanks so much, I am subscribe

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