Needle Felting Sheep Tutorial

Hi! My name is Lena. In this tutorial I will show you how to needle
felt a sheep. For this project you will need: • A needle felting mat • Some felting needles – I mostly use
36 triangle and 38 star • I also recommend using a handle that holds
multiple needles together to speed up your felting • Some natural white wool batting • Wool locks • Glass safety eyes • Some glue for the eyes • A bit of brown wool batting for detailing. I also used some pink eventually. • And finally – a pair of sharp scissors
That’s all you will need. I often look at reference pictures when felting. If you want, you can download a picture of
this sheep – see the link in the description to this video. Let’s get started by making the body first. Take a piece of wool batting and roll it tightly
into an egg-shape. Felt the wool using 36 triangle needles. Try to needle felt into the center, so that
the core of the body will be dense and leave the outer surface fluffier as we will be adding
more fibers on top. You can use multiple needles as well. Keep adding more wool to get the body of the
size you would like. The shape that I got in the end was 5” long,
2.5” high and 1.5” wide. For larger shapes, if you are not satisfied
with density, you should use the full length of your needles. Here I show how that can be done using a “clover”
needle handle. I just remove the pink tip to use the full
needles. While adding more wool try to make the shape
look like the body of a sheep. You can mark one side of it to make it easier. Here I mark the back of the body with a pin,
so that I don’t mix it with the belly. As the shape gets denser and 36 triangle needles
start to get more resistance, you can switch to 38 star needles. Here is the final shape that I got for the
body. Next let’s make the head. Take a smaller piece of wool, roll it into
a tight cylinder and felt in the same manner. Keep in mind that sheep’s forehead is wider
than the chin. Here we have our head. Now let’s make the neck. The neck is going to be a cylindrical shape
with both ends left lose. When the neck matches the other parts in firmness,
let’s first attach it to the body. Use 36 triangle needle to attach it and try
going as deep as you can to attach the neck firmly. Attach the head in the same manner. I wanted my sheep to look left, but that is
totally up to you. Feel free to choose any head position you’d
like. After attaching the head, add some more wool
to the neck to make it thicker. Use 36 triangle needles. You can use this type of a base for making
many other animals, like horses, cows, lamas, goats, etc. I add some more wool to the chest. And then some more to the head. Remember to switch to 38 star needles when you are working with the surface. Now let’s make the four legs. Take four equal strips of wool and roll them
into tight long cylinders. Both the front leg pair and back leg pair
should be symmetrical, so I suggest making them at the same time. You can use either 36 triangle or 38 star
needles for the legs. When felting the legs make the hoof part thinner
and do not felt the top part so that you can attach the legs to the body. Make sure to make the legs firm so that your
animal can stand. To make the knees for the back legs I bend
the leg and add more wool to the knee part. Also, back legs are larger, so you can add
more wool to them. But you can do that later as well, when the
legs are already attached to the body. Also check the length of the legs relative
to the body as you go. When you are happy with the legs attach them
to the body. Again, use 36 triangle needle and go deep. Make the tail in a small triangular shape. Felt the tip of the tail very well, but leave
one end lose to be able to attach it to the body. When done, needle felt the tail to the body. Notice how sheep have their tail hanging. Next make the ears. You can make them either separately or in
one piece as I do here. Needle felt two flat ear shapes using 38 star
needles. Add some pink wool for insides. Usually I add some more white on the other
side of the ear as the pink starts protruding a bit in a flat shape. But here I like a little pink on the other
side as well, and decided to leave it as is. After the ears are done, I attach them to
the back of the head. You can put it on like a hat really. When attaching that part, underline the ears,
so that they stand out. Now let’s make the sheep’s face. Cut two holes for the eyes with small scissors
and glue the safety eyes in. You can also needle felt the eyes, but glass
eyes look much better. You can get a large assortment of eyes on
the Amazon for just a few dollars. Feel free to check the needle felting essentials
link in the description to the video. I update that page with the tools and materials
that I use at all times. Take two tiny pieces of wool and make the
eyelids. Make two flat round shapes and then fold them
in half and felt the folding edge. Leave the outer part lose. When attaching the eyelids cover top half
of the eye and attach them in that position. After the eyelids are attached, you can carefully
lift them by needle felting. Be careful not to scratch the eyes. The eyes are done, now let’s make the muzzle. Use 36 triangle needles to outline the nose
and the mouth. Then use small amount of brown and pink wool
to articulate those features. Use 38 star needle. Finally, let’s add some wool locks to make
our sheep look like one. Use 36 triangle needles and felt deep to attach
the locks. That’s it! Your sheep is complete! Thank you for watching this video! Subscribe to my channel if you like needle felting! Until next time!

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