Needle arrangement, Cam arrangement & Notation of Knitted Single Jersey Fabric  ||School Of Textiles

Here are the notation symbols used for
knit, tuck and miss loop. there is a looping diagram shown in the
left side from this we will find the notation let’s start from the first course here at first it is knit knit knit and
knit. Because in first course all are knit loops.
In second course there is a Miss in third position so it will be knit knit
knit and knit in third there is a tuck in second
position so it will be knit tuck knit and knit in fourth again there is all knit loops
so knit knit knit and knit loop here is the animated version of our
looping diagram we know needle makes whales and only one
type of way a line is found here so the needle with butt position one is needed
here as there is only one but position needle single cam track is needed here but if there are two types of whale
lines two sets of needles with different but position is required which we’ll
need to track cam system for 3 it will be 3 & 4 4 types of whale lines for
above needle with 4 track cam system is used you

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  1. This video is really helpful. Thanks for making this and I hope that your channel will create more and more videos.

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  3. esalemo aikom dear brother i am verry interested about textile and would like to learn more about it what i wanna is how to change the needles if its broken how to choose the types of needls according to the fabrics we looking to make what type of fabrics we can make with a single jersey machine with cam group gauge 24 and 102 feeders
    i also wanna know how to regonise the fabrics type and how to calulate the weight gms by square meter of the fabrics i have a lot of questions more would help a lot baraka allaho fikom wa jazakom allaho khayran thanks you suporters mr yacine from algeria .

  4. salem alaikom dear friend i need to know how to adjust the fabric wrigth gsm does the loop length control the fabri gsm how the manipulation are processed i am looking for detailed explanation thanks for your good help

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