Martial Arts : How to Throw Needles

Mike Lewis here with Christian Martial Arts
and we are talking also about how to throw needles or throwing spikes whichever you prefer
to call them, it also depends on the size. Throwing spikes can get roughly, I mean they
are pretty long you can have 14 inches up to even 16 inch spikes. The spikes I’m using
today are actually a lot smaller. They are actually pretty much the size of a pencil.
So if you take a look at it, it is only tapered on one end. Sometimes you can find spikes
that are tapered out on both ends so it helps when you are throwing it and you have a better
chance of sticking it. What I like to do as far as throwing the needle is have a very
loose grip so that sort of bounces in your hand a little bit. I take my pointing finger,
line it up in the middle of the spike, then I take my middle finger and my thumb and line
them up together and then use the third finger to place it right on the tapered end. Again
keeping a very light grip just like a throwing knife you take your elbow point into it and
then you just let it loose, right at the appropriate moment. It takes a lot of feeling to it, you
sort of have to feel it out so it takes quite a bit of practice. Once you land a throwing
spike into your target, try to remember how you just threw it because that is very important
and you will sort of get a good feel of it. The execution of it and the release of your
spike is very very important. Another way of throwing a needle and this way again it
just sort of depends on what your preference is and actually what works best for you. This
way hasn’t actually worked too well for me but you hold it near the very end without
the spike there, the spike will be on this end. You hold it at the end where it still
has enough loose grip in it so it wobbles back and forth. All you do is sort of just
the same way, you just let it loose, pointing your elbow in the right direction, all the
action is from the elbow up to the arm. You just execute it and flip it out and what you
are trying to do is actually look for at least one to two spins for it to get to your target
which also depends on your distance. So that is just one way of getting started into throwing

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