Hey Everyone this is Kristen at GoodKnit Kisses and I am on my lunch break in my car here and I just wanted to show you what I am working on and today I’ve got my All-in-One loom. And I’ve had several people talking about baby blankets lately this is kind of the time to do them And I had started testing this with a light sport weight yarn it’s a number 3, it’s actually this one is from Red Heart called Designer Sport and I – I’m not sure if it’s this particular one. I don’t work with sport weight much I’m not sure I like the stitches that well but I don’t think they’re knitting up as good as they could in a regular worsted weight; but it just may be the yarn I’m using. So but I do want to show you the stitch that I am working on. This is a triple knit stitch that I do on my channel and it looks like the ribbed stitch or box stitch. It kind of looks like a box but I am using three at a time and what it is- is instead of doing three knits, three purls all the way on a loom and going around, I’m doing it in a double knit fashion so all I’m doing is e-wrapping and on the reverse side it looks like the purl is a -um, sorry someone’s getting out of their car, I’m a little self-conscious right now- It looks like the purl is being performed but in fact it’s not because it’s double sided like this. So, let me see if I can get it to focus in. And there we go, if you can see it a little bit better. And so I got three a time and then you zigzag over across. And this, and if you want to do it just how I have done it here, I’m actually using all but one peg and if you do that I’m actually starting with a slip knot here. Well putting a slip knot on and putting the slip stitch as the first and then doing three skipping over, three, three, three, three all the way alternating to the end. And then I do another at the end when I come back and so I end up having like a blank one on one side. When you do that what it does is on one side you can actually see that extra on the end here and on the end here but on the other side it looks perfect like you’ve got a triple and then a space for the triples on the other side and a triple. And the same way over here. If you’re just doing like a lovey, that’s just one panel then you could just do this one and do a lovey like a little square or a stroller blanket. But if you want to stitch different panels together, what you might want to do is only do one of the slip stitch. One side with a slip stitch and the other side with not so that when you seam the panels together, that there not going to have that extra little bump on there. So just a little tip and if you want to check out that pattern you can check it out on my channel at my You Tube channel – The Triple Knit Stitch – And I also have the cast-off. It doesn’t matter what loom that you’re using. Sorry my video is getting a little darker- oops. Anyway, it doesn’t matter which loom you’re using, it’s the same either way. I’m going to experiment on using my new looser cast-off The way I’ve got on the end of my soap bag video. See about doing that to where it makes it a looser cast-off for you to more match off. Match the cast-on edge. This is nice and stretchy. This is nice and stretchy it’s actually going to look almost wider than what the board is which is kind of cool so Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well, you have a great day and happy looming!

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