Hello, I’m Cheezedal . The most common flower in florists these days is daffodil.. Spring is coming, so I noticed daffodils that looks neat and warm. Let’s make spring daffodil in frame. First, I will embroider 3 daffodil petals first with flat stitch. Please draw the auxiliary line. About 5mm down from the center. Tilt it a bit like the screen, Please fill the blank from side to side After finishing the centerline, fill the blank with straight stitches while keeping it diagonal. I’m going to make three-dimensional petals with woven picot stitch. I’ll show you how to make [basic woven picot stitch]. Insert the pin like this and make a triangle like a screen And as you see on the screen, let’s woven up three pillars alternately up and down The point is to pull the thread up every time weave, making [woven picot] hard. The basic shape is like a triangle. Finish it behind the middle. I’ll apply woven picot stitches on the daffodil petals. Slightly application. As you can see, the daffodil petals are larger and rounder than the triangular pillars. If you compare the leaf with flat stitches, it feels like that. Thus, the basic is tightly woven, but thread 1 and 3 are loosely woven to make round leaves. let’s gently weave the petals to make them look round. By lifting the thread to make the leaves harder, it is easier to make round leaves. Even if you can’t, it’s pretty good in a basic way, try various way. Working carefully & slowly, you can do it. Let’s embroider the stamen with French knot stitch. Wind the thread around the needle as shown on the screen and insert the needle vertically. Tighten the thread with your left hand to prevent the knot from loosening Just look at thumb on left hand. To do Raised Cup Stitch, I’ll first position it with back stitch. Stitch about 6 sides because there are 6 leaves. Loosely embroider the thread so that the needle can pass easily. Please take a good look here. It’s a bit confusing. Place the thread in the shape of the screen, Insert the needle under thread 1,2 and let the needle pass over thread 3. Pull it gently to make a knot. If the knot is about 2mm in diameter, it is the best. let’s repeat. The needle passes under thread 1 and 2, The needle passes through thread 3 upwards. If you have a knot, stand it vertically. Please refer to the screen. Be careful not to get caught woven picot stitches. Is it pretty(round and round)? Force control was the most important Stems and leaves proceed with outline stitches.
I will fill the calyx simply with straight stitches. Do it towards the stem Like on screen, outline stitch is going back to where you sew, and start. Go back and stitch. (Like the screen) The thread is slightly oblique and the threads overlap. let’s fill the leaves. Go back and stitch. (Like the screen) If you keep going, the threads are overlapping slightly diagonally. I filled in two lines and then worked on the other side, the outline It is neat to fill empty space after completion. we’re done! Personally, Raised cup stitches were a bit more difficult than woven picot stitch. But it’s nice to finish it, it’s so pretty ^ ㅂ ^ Thank you all for watching Thank you for ♥ Like ♥ Subscribe ♥ Share. Because we are updating regularly, see you in next work again! Bye~

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