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This is the new Bernat Twist and Twirl and it’s really kind of neat. It’s actually you think to yourself well it’s shoelace material but an actual fact it’s a frill that’s all kinda just bunched up here. But it’s bunched up so that you can work with it and if you pull it apart it’s almost like fishnet stockings. A lot of frill is within this. So I recommend a size 5 mm knitting needle. Something within that range in order to get it in. The last tutorial that I just ran with the 10 you really do need your needles to be going through these little slots on this material. So let’s get started and I’ll show you how to cast on and you’ll be realizing how actually easy this product is to work with. So this is the Bernat Twist and Twirl. Okay this is how I’m gonna cast on. You may have a different method and I’m gonna leave maybe about 6″ of material on the side that has the loose end and then this material is coming from the ball. So before I cast on you, don’t wanna cast it on so that it’s gonna maintain its, its tightness. We wanna actually start to open up the material just like so and when we put it on we just wanna put it on to an edge. Okay, so we’re just gonna jam it down onto an edge just like that and so then I’m gonna take this hand and this hand is going toward the ball and I’m just gonna just loop it up over the top right and then this material that I had just put on I’m gonna peel that back so the whole thing is gonna peel over top the other side just like so. Okay, so let me show you again. So this is the frill side so I don’t wanna put any more on this side. I wanna keep, this is considered my now my new edge. So I’m gonna put that on the needle okay, and I just wanna stay on the edging so this is part of my frill on this side so I wanna stay over here. I’m gonna put that on. You can see I’m not measuring I’m just throwing it on and now I’m gonna peel this back so I’m gonna pick this whole thing up that’s coming from the other hand and go up and over just like that. Okay, so let’s try that again. This is the hand coming from the loose end. Just peel on, on and then peel, peel this one back. We want a total of six to nine stitches. I’m gonna use six on this one that we go and you can see I’m getting closer and closer to the edge but I’m not worried about that. Closer meaning to the end of the ball, peel that back like I did already. So if you have a different method of of starting and that works for you then by all means go for it. So we have now four So there’s no rhyme or science to the distance the, the more distance you go the more ruffled it will be. The less you go the tighter your item will be in and the ruffles won’t be as magnificent either. So as we’re on our last one and we wanna peel that back. So I’m gonna do six. So now you now have six loops that are now on your knitting needles. So let me show you how to operate this material as we knit normally. Okay to get started we’re just gonna slip in our other needle like we normally would. So this is like regular knitting now. We’re gonna slip it in and what, we don’t wanna ever grab it and go like that because you’re gonna lose your ruffles. So you have to determine where is the ruffling going on. And what you’ll notice Is that this is the edge that seems to be clicking to the needle and this is the loose end that’s creating the ruffle. We wanna continue to always stay on the edge. I always say the girls stay on the edge. So we just wanna peel it back and we just wanna grab on anywhere within the edge piece so that the rest of it is still loosen off and we want to knit as normal. Just like so, so we just wanna go in again okay, and see this is the ruffle side down here, this is the edge up here so, we wanna stay on the edge. So the more distance I go the more the ruffled it will be. So if I went down here and I reached all the way up there that’ll be a gigantic ruffle. So you wanna stay in about a quarter of an inch from the edge. Okay, so you don’t want just one string on the, on the thing. You actually want a nice generous loop just like so. And again just keep peeling back. So one ball of the Twist and Twirl will do a whole size scarf just like you see and once you’ve established what’s side is your edge just a matter of doing it. So um, the tip I have for you is because I tend to always rotate my, my knitting needles at the end in the same direction all the time you’re actually gonna be twisting up your your material and because you’re opening it up you want to kinda keep it so that it’s staying flat so you can just open it up really quickly and knit as fast as you can, right? So what I’m recommending to you is that in one direction just turn your, your needles the one way and in the other just turn it another. So for example I’m gonna now turn like this and come back in the other direction but when I go back and do this I’m now gonna turn my needles then like this to keep this from actually rotating up coming to the ball. Hopefully that makes sense. It’ll actually make sense once you’re playing with it. Okay, we’re gonna start another piece here and what we’re just gonna do look for your edge. This is now my new edge, okay so this section I just don’t wanna go like that because it’s gonna lose it. So you just wanna stay on the edge on the other side. And this particular product you will not see your stitching so don’t do any fine work stitching details. You don’t need it because you won’t see it. So just knit as you normally would. Just going down and just slip up under once you get your rhythm as well you’ll kinda loosen off. I found this once you get like past the first few rows you get looser and the things start working a lot easier for you as well. And just so stay on the edge so live on the edge girls as we work with this Twist and Twirl by Bernat. It’s a new product available on the market effective September 1, 2011. It’s a great little product actually. It’s gonna be one of those fashion, accessories that you can wear when we’re going on night out on the town. It doesn’t take you a lot of time to actually work with this product. Maybe two to three hours to make a scarf if that. I have seen the scarf done in nine stitches across instead of actually um, six as well and that looks really great as well. So the only difference is that if you go nine stitches across it won’t be as long if you’re gonna just do one ball to equal one scarf. So you gotta decide what’s right for you but it’s still a nice generous length even at six stitches to nine stitches across. So you can start seeing that the frill Is taking shape and again so this is I wanna twist it the other way because I don’t want this string here to get all twisted up on me. It’s kind of a nightmare once that starts getting really twisted up because then you gotta untwist everything in order to work with it. They call it twist and twirl but you don’t wanna have to have a lot of work associated to it. So you just keep going back and forth staying on the edge and voila you will have a scarf in time. So on behalf of Bernat yarns as well as I’m your host Mikey and I hope you enjoy the Twist and Twirl yarn new by Bernat. 🧶

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  1. I love your videos and I love knitting! I only have one pair of knitting needles and I'm not sure what size they are =S. I want to get a set of knitting needles for myself. Where should I go to get some?

  2. Mikey, is the best teacher, in the world! I have been crocheting/knitting for 2 months and Mikey taught me all I know. Thank you, Michael!

  3. @Jeskers18 if you have a local craft store they are sure to have some or you can buy online!! cathy mikeys helpdesk 🙂

  4. Thank you so much Sir for all the exceptional helping videos!!!!
    It's a great pleasure to see your videos and try the patterns
    Best Regards-ifigenia

    Always i favorite your videos and 5**********!!!!!!!

  5. I have always crocheted, but this looks really fun to me, and I am making scarves a gifts, would you recommend this project for a beginner knitter? If not, what do you recommend?

  6. Is there a written Pattern on this scarf as my staff want to make sure I am doing it right and now have a mistake as I have many other patterns right now! I loved this video tonight as I saw a scarf today that resembles this one and I want to make one right now

  7. yes we do have a written pattern for this on our website the link for the site can be found under the video above…once at the website go to patterns from the home page and then select "Knitting with Needles Free Patterns" from the list the scarf using the twist and twirl will be the 3rd one down in the list…[email protected] the crochet crowd 🙂

  8. I wish the video showed how to finish the scarf. I just finished my first twist & twirl scarf, I've never knit before, and I don't know how to get it off the knitting needle to finish it :S

  9. mikey has a video showing a scarf he made with the boa yarn but he doesn't show you how to use the yarn in the video but explains the pattern for the scarf using a 4 ply yarn so people can see the instructions clearer…there may be another video out there to help you though….have you tried bernet . com? [email protected] the crochet crowd

  10. since my fingers are not as nible as they once were and my knitting skills keep me at the bottom of the list, i found that if i iron the yarn open that itis so much easier to handle and the finished product is really pretty. a steam iron is good and don't pull on the yarn when you are ironing it. after i iron it, i lay it in a flat bottm bag that i have. it feeds really well. try it, you might like it.

  11. is there a tutorial that shows how to finish these type scarves? i'm new to knitting, and this is my first knitting project…. i was kind of learning as i watched and knitted along

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  14. I can finally knit with this yarn all thanks to you! thanks so much you are a great teacher I have you on fbook and the app on my iphone great work once again! thank you!

  15. Casting on: we can't see how or what u did when u cast on. Your hand is in the way and I have absolutely NO clue how to cast the yarn on.

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  17. I do not know how to knit, I also have never used this type of yarn before.
    THANK YOU. I can crochet, but have never been able to understand knitting. It is the first time I got it! The demonstration you showed, that I watched over and over, helped me to make a beautiful scarf. I look forward to trying out your other patterns as well.

  18. It's driving me nuts that you are crocheters but are not teaching continental-style knitting. It has the same feel as crocheting to do it that way. Much more intuitive and at least one less step. seriously, try it!! 🙂 You'll knit so much faster!

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