How to wash and iron embroidery*Как стирать и гладить вышивку*Cómo lavar y planchar bordados.

how to wash and iron ribbons embroidery hand wash the water is warm, about 30 degrees liquid Laundry detergent soaking the embroidery in 10 minutes this hand wash is like easy rinsing in soapy water check if there are any stains the inside needs to be processed…. hemmed all the ends of the ribbons flowers are all in place they are well kept by fixing their thread Embroidery can be covered by hand. It is safe for embroidery. Now you can rub the fabric harder. rinse in clean water A bath towel is required for Ironing. For things you need to give dry. Slightly wet, it can be ironed iron better on a soft surface temperature set acceptable for your fabric embroidery has retained its original appearance of the iron easily in contact with the embroidery your “likes” are my reward Thank you for watching!

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