hi guys in this video I’m going to show you
how to use one of these it’s a needle threader and it also helps
them insert your needle into the sewing machine. Not every single sewing machine
comes with a needle threader so if you don’t have the luxury of that then you
have got this. Just to let you guys know that I have not been sponsored to make
this video I just think it’s a pretty awesome tool so this bottom part here is
for inserting your needles in and this part here is for putting the thread
through your needle so let me show you how it’s done
so if you look here there’s an arrow and that arrow is to show you which way
round to thread the thread so we’re gonna have this facing up I’m gonna set
the thread in between this two section here insert the thread in there and
here you go you can see that the threads inserted you can see that the arrow is
the top. What you do now is slowly go down the needle and then you push it through when
you reach the eye and you slowly pull it out now if you notice on the end here
there’s a hook now this hook is designed for you to grab your thread and then you
pull the thread all the way through like so there’s a part two to this little
notion as well this needle threader also comes with a needle insert. Let me show
you how this works we have our needle and we have our tool and we’re going to
put our needle inside of the needle threader tool and then this allows us to
hold the needle steady while we insert it into its home you don’t have to worry about it
dropping down it’s held into this tool and then we can just release the needle
like so this a really really cool sewing notion I also like to use this for my
serger it makes inserting needles really easy so it comes with a needle threader
as well as a needle inserter. Pretty cool I hope you guys have enjoyed
watching this video don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss
seeing me next week thank you so much for watching bye

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