99 thoughts on “How to Knit Fingerless Gloves

  1. I wear fingerless gloves and i dont do it to "look rad"……i wear them for gaming and for keeping my fingers free because it proves easier than regular gloves and keeps your palms warm while letting you type and use your mouse easily…….

  2. I made a pair following these instructions and I'm a beginner knitter only having knit a scarf before. I found this video helpful and I'd love to see more simple tutorials and projects like this one. Thank you for posting.

  3. :O I'm surprised about how is she doing the knitting, maybe all of you do it like that in America, but we in Latvia do it much more easier, not bending the yarn over the needles and stuff xD

  4. :O I'm surprised about how is she doing the knitting, maybe all of you do it like that in America, but we in Latvia do it much more easier, not bending the yarn over the needles and stuff xD

  5. I thought this video was great. It was extremely easy to follow, hear, and easy to see what was actually going on. The pattern was explained in a way I could follow and I'm a noob. So thanks for rockin' ass.

    On that note, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see one on how to knit basic legwarmers. Just sayin'…

  6. how to make fingerless gloves
    step 1:buy gloves
    step 2:cut off the fingers
    step 3:put them on
    did you know thathowcast is obvioslly running out of ideas

  7. @raechuul it is, but, for newbies like me, it makes me feel like i can knit something. :[ knitting in the round is so hard for me.

  8. I'm new at this and I have two questions-
    1) After doing the slipknot, then casting on 24 stitches, doesn't that leave me with 25 loops? Then the two-by-two rib will be uneven because of an odd number of stitches? I knitted one row and ended with one knit stitch. Should I only have 24 loops altogether?
    2) If I end a row on a purl stitch, what stitch do I begin the next row with? (and vice versa)
    Thanks for the video!

  9. @CherryBomb422 this is.. i finished 1 glove in like, 2 hours… and the only thing that i have knitted before is a scarf that Howcast has also taught me how to do. It just takes time, patience, and a lot of concentration

  10. The slipknot counts as the first stitch. So, for this you would cast on 23 stitches after the slipknot to have 24 cast on stitches.

  11. Thanks very much! I'd figured it uot now, though. Now I'm wrestling with a hat on too-short circular needles, lol

  12. Do the first 15 rows include the cast on row? So after casting on you would only physically knit an additional 14?

  13. Just finished my first one! tho I think 24 stitches may not be enough. Its fine around my wrist and my hand but my thumb feels really tight. Can anyone tell me is there's anyway I can make the middle wider?

  14. increase the number of stitches when u get to the palm area. i dont know how to increase but thats what youtube is for right?

  15. Love this- making a pr now but you didnt add that you must switch the double stitchs at the beginning of project at next row-eg. knit knit purl purl then purl purl knit knit..correct?

  16. Um, did you know that i was joking around, plus you can't assume that I'm stupid because of a couple of grammar mistakes also my comment is over a year old. Also don't go insulting a large amount of educated children.

  17. It's a fact. Home schooled kids learn the natural way, I pity people who are public schooled, I really do. And just because your comment was a year old doesn't mean you didn't say it.

  18. My only suggestion is that if you re-do this video, you should tell people to cast off in rib stitch .. before you tell them to cast off (in Step 5). I just finished casting off, and then see the 'tip' that says I should've done that in rib stitch. Bummer. Oh well. Guess my next one will be better. 🙂

  19. who the fuck are you to be saying that public schooled kids are not creative i bet you that they have more of an imagination then you

  20. i disagree with this, i know many public school kids in my college's honor program. and my best friend who is a public school kid just got into a great performing arts school with a scholarship that pays half her tuition!

  21. I would like to search this person's videos only, I found her to be the best instructional for me. I only get howcast for everyone, i can't search for her how to's? thank you

  22. Does anyone know if these gloves are one size fits all (or at least most), or if I need to vary the number of cast on stitches depending on the person? I'm just a little worried that 24 stitches cast on seems a little narrow.

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  24. i use a size 10 or 8 knitting needle it depends on the yarn 🙂 but they sure are saving my butt right now for xmas gifts lol 

  25. Uhh, yes they are about keeping you palms warm and fingers free. Thats a silly thing to say, obviously this person has never lived in an old house, or ever dealt with the reality of being cold and needing to work with your fingers. Why would someone wear these in anything but cold weather? Those would have been made of lace and more intricate. Your palms get all sweaty in knit yarn. Yeah they were a fashion trend but also warn by workers.

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