hey everyone here is a quick tutorial on
how to make a button stitch flower and I’m gonna create a circular flower so
I’m marking two concentric you know ish circles the outside circle is the
overall size of the flower while the inside circle is how large the center of
the flower will be and you can also do this stitch and more of a
natural-looking flower I’m sort of trying to draw this freehand but yeah
you can see I am definitely not an artist but I think you get my drift so
to begin with either shape you’ll start with the outside of your flower and
you’ll kind of hold the floss over to the side that your work is heading in
and then put your needle to the center that center circle the center of your
flower and out just past the first entrance
making sure that the thread stays behind your needle then pull your needle
through and you’ve created your first petal it is as easy as that the spacing
of your petals is completely up to you and I’m only using one stone of
embroidery floss but you could use multiples if you wanted to just keep
working those petals around until your flower is full and then you can add
French knots or maybe little beads or a button or whatever to the center of your
flower and it is easy as that I hope this video was helpful if you
have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I will do my best
to answer them and as always I appreciate you all for watching and I
hope to catch y’all next time

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