EP-0014 – How to Keep Fabric Taught – cross stitch, x-stitch, needlepoint flosstube

Hello, and welcome to The Stitching Kitchn. Today, we’re going to talk about Hoops Rods Bars Well, not the kind of bars that you’re thinking
of. Snaps. And hands. There are many ways to hold onto your fabric. I like to stitch small projects with my hands. Let me show you some of them. Here are the pieces that I’ve done by hand. Some of them are really small. And Some … they’re just cute. And I don’t do any kind of bar or q-snap for
these. So, in that … I’m going to show you some
hoops. So, this is like a quilting hoop. But, if you’re using a really big project,
you know, 18 x 27. You can use one of these. However, I like to bind the edge with ribbon. That way the wood doesn’t rub up against your
stitching. Ok. The next way I’m going to show you is scroll
rods. And. This is a rod that has a piece of … fabric
right here. And you sew the ends of the (stitching) fabric
onto it. Put it on these little rods. Tighten the little thing. And then you have enough to do a really big
project like that. And then to talk about bars. Remember, I told you it’s not that kind of
bar. I use these bars. Thin ones. That sometimes people think they’re only for
needlepoint. This has silk on it. And whenever I’m stitching with silk. Or lots of different decorative stitches. I want to keep that tight. So, that’s why I put it on these kinds of
bars. Then there’s thicker bars. Mainly. That’s the back. So you can see the wood. This is a needlepoint. But, it keeps everything really taught. But, you can see how tight it keeps the ground
fabric. OK. Then the last thing we’re going to talk about
are snaps (q-snaps). The q-snap is like plumber’s PVC pipe basically. And somebody got really clever and thought
of this before me. And it’s a pipe that fits together and there
are inserts to make it larger. And then they have these little clip-on tops. And then you can put that in your floor frame
or just hold it in hand. And that keeps everything really tight. So, if you have any questions about stitching
in hand, using a hoop, using rods, or going to the bar, or using q-snaps, just eMail me:
[email protected] BrushStreetDesignWorks.com Or [email protected] And I will answer your questions right away. So, that’s it for this episode … Our episode is about the continuing relationship
between your chart & pattern, your fabric, and your threads.

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  1. Thanks for the info. Could you tell me how to stitch the fabric onto the scroll rod? By hand? By machine? And what kind of stitch would you use? Also what are the black clips on the side of the piece on the rod?

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