Embroidery Stitches: Blanket Stitch

Embroidery Stitches: Blanket Stitch Blanket stitch is a common stitch used for finishing edges or securing appliqué shapes. It’s very simple to learn and is useful for many projects so it’s a great stitch to get started with. Start at A Take the needle up and insert it at B Then, bring it out directly below and level with A at C Pull the needle down over the working thread insert the needle at D, then bring it out at E to make the next stitch. Repeat this step to continue Finish off with a tie stitch over the final loop. Making a tie stitch. Bring the needle up above the long stitch or inside the loop and insert it just below the thread. Stitch variation. A nice variation on the stitch is the buttonhole stitch Buttonhole stitch is worked in the same way but the stitches lie next to each other to create a solid line The background fabric is completely covered and will not fray so it is ideal for cutwork, neatening hems, and hand-worked buttonholes.

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