DIY Peter Pan Collar

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83 thoughts on “DIY Peter Pan Collar

  1. i love all of your videos! you make sewing such cute dresses look so SIMPLE that I cannot wait to get a sewing machine so I can try all of your tutorials — especially this one, I'm beyond obsessed with peter pan collars! You are so very talented and thank you so much for uploading! 🙂

  2. I didn't notice the collar until you lifted it since it blends right into the dress. That fabric is so lovely. You should get pancake socks to match. Karmaloop has adorable ones.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your tutorials! I'm making my first dress, following your skater dress with the circle shirt video (love that teacup pattern!) and am considering whether to add a collar or not! Thank you for this channel: you make it so simple and enjoyable! xx

  4. youre super adooooorable! and i love your hair and your tutorials! going to make the skater dress with this adorable collar! will show you sooooon!

  5. New subscriber. Really love your tutorials! It would be great if you could do a tutorial on adding side-seam pockets to a dress? (whether to this skater dress, or adding to an existing dress)

  6. OMG this was such a helping video and I am obsessed with this pancake dress! Common who doesn't need a good pancake dress?
    Love your videos and your blog just subscribed.
    I make D.I.Y's as well if you want to take a gander ;P

  7. Annika, I love your tutorial and I want to sew a Peter Pan collar on my dress that I am making. Right now I just have the shoulders sewn and the collar is just a hole in the fabric, lol.
    How should I do the back of the collar on the dress since the Peter Pan collar covers just the front? I use stretchy fabric. So should I just roll twice and sew over in the back? thank you! 

  8. Oh my god, finally someone showed me how to make these. I've watched a lot of tutorials but yours is the first I actually understood, thanks. Got yourself a subscriber.

  9. Followed this tutorial on a shirt I  hadn't worn in a while and now it's pretty much my favorite shirt. Thanks and I'll be sure to share this vid with some of my friends that would like it. <3

  10. Have you ever considered making an etsy shop and selling homemade clothing? Because oh golly I'd buy it all. The dress in this video is to die for! (just found you on youtube, and I'm super jealous of your skills, and patience haha!)

  11. Wherever did you find that pancake material? It's so cute. Have you ever done a mock-up and recreated it in princess seams?(One dress top to bottom, same dress?) If you haven't, why not give it a try.

  12. I LOVE: a.) your music in your videos b.) your tutorials c.) fabric choices for your dresses. Thank you for helping me be a better dressed lady for my swing dance nights out with my hubby!!!!

  13. Hi there! I was wondering what brand/type of sewing machine are you using?
    I really enjoy your videos!! You seem like a very awesome person 🙂 xx

  14. i like how you always use things you already have to make the patterns :3 And i just love your channel you are the only one i actually understand how to do it after i watch :3

  15. This is the best idea ever! Making a halloween costume and can't figure out how to make the collar.
    I love your videos!

  16. oh thank you! I made a collar like this using your tutorial for my Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume. 🙂 What great easy to follow directions.

  17. I have been watching your videos for a while and I am so inspired to get back into sewing, thank you! Keep up the good work. Subscribed! 🙂

  18. Thank you! I love dresses and tops with peter pan collars, but i don't find them very often in stores and a lot of them can be overpriced online. Now i can just add my own collars to tops and dresses!!

  19. I'm a beginner at this sewing stuff and with this simple tutorial I feel like I can give it a good shot! Have sat and watched so many of your videos this evening and can't wait to try them out over the weekend ?

  20. Thank you little lady for the wonderful tutorial. I've been wanting to learn to make cap sleeves and also a peter pan collar. Very well done, clear and easy. Again, thanks!

  21. You have the best video for this- simple and short. I love that you included how to make your own pattern. Great video.

  22. Did you get the pancake fabric from Spotlight? (Im from melbourne) and have not found a cute fabric like that…

  23. Could you please tell me what a seam allowance is, what it's used for and why you put it in certain places and not in others?…sorry for the stupid question love your content, really inspires me, love from Italy <3

  24. thinking about doing a "mommy and me" matching dress for me and my daughter. do you think a half circle skirt would work just as well?

  25. Thank you so much for the great tutorial! You made it simple and easy to understand. I really appreciate you sharing. It helped me add the perfect collar to my Halloween costume. 🙂

  26. i was looking back to old videos and i love this one so much!! also, i love proleter, i listen to them all the time and actually thought you would like them!

  27. Thank you SO MUCH for this video! This was the easiest method I could find! You've made this beginner sewer's Halloween a lot easier. ?

  28. This is the BEST tutorial I have found for this and I have been watching ones all day!!!! I was able to make my daughter's onesies into peter pan collared ones! Thank you!!! You are so cute! <3

  29. exiting video on HOW TO MAKE A DRESS FROM A WIDE LEG TROUSER ITS AN OLD CLOTHES REFASHION VEDIO …I hope is going to be helpful for all of you beautiful people who wish to wear adorable clothes but do not afford a lot bucks to buy forever 21s but still want to wear cute things or wish to create their own outfits …so I’m going to provide simple ideas and tricks to make outfits out of old clothes or thrifted stuffs

  30. this whole playlist is absolutely perfect for a cosplay i have in the works, thank you so so much i am so happy to have stumbled upon this !!!

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