DIY Embroidery Jacket

Hey everyone, My name is Amber and
welcome to my channel today I’m going to be showing you how I made this
embroidery “You grow girl.” jacket! The materials that you need for this
project are really simple. The first thing you need is the jacket you want to
embroider. You could use whatever kind of jacket you want just make sure that it’s
lightweight enough that you’ll be able to embroider on top of. For this
project I’m using a really lightweight denim jacket. Next you’re going to need
your yarn- I decided to use yarn for this project instead of embroidery thread
because I thought the yarn would hold up a lot better against the denim. Also it’s
a lot thicker so it’ll make this project a lot faster and a lot easier so I’m
using a medium worsted weight yarn for this project and I’m just using leftover
scraps that I already had. I ended up using the cream and the yellow for my
flowers. I didn’t end up using the red and then I used dark olive for the stems
and black for the letters but you could use whatever colors you like. You’re
going to need your needle- I’m using a yarn needle the difference between this
and a regular needle is the eye of the needle is a lot bigger so the yarn will
fit through it. You’re just gonna want to make sure that whatever needle you do
use it’s able to easily go through your fabric. Next I decided to trace what I
wanted my letters to look like on the jacket and before I started embroidering
just so that I had a guide and also I didn’t want to put unnecessary holes in
the jacket but you could really eyeball it if you wanted to. I used a pencil
which you definitely should not- It did end up coming out in the wash
thankfully but just to be safe definitely use chalk. Getting started
with embroidering we’re going to thread our needle. You can do this
however you like there’s a lot of different ways to do this but the way
that I like to do it is to cut off a really long strand of yarn and then I’m
taking the two ends and I’m stringing it through the eye of the needle and then
I’m going to move the needle all the way down to the end of the yarn making sure
to leave a little loop and then I’m gonna pull the long strand through the
loop of the yarn and this is going to slip knot and then we were ready to
embroider. I decided to start off with my letters and I decided to use a split
stitch. To do a split stitch it’s actually really simple. The first thing
you’re going to do is go through with the fabric and you’re gonna go back down.
Next you’re gonna come back up but when you go to go back down you’re going to
go through with the middle of the last stitch. This is going to connect all of
the stitches and make them look like chains so you’re gonna pull up through
your fabric when you go to go back down you’re going to split the yarn and go in
the middle of the stitch and you’re just going to continue this
all throughout your letters. I just followed the lines that I
traced out for my letters when you’re going around curves you’re going to want
to use smaller stitches. It’ll help you to have a lot more control. For this project if you want you can use an embroidery hoop I decided not to
because I didn’t want it to pull on my jacket too much and distort my
embroidery but you could use an embroidery hoop if you like and then
this is what it looks like when you are done. Once you finish all of your letters
you’re going to move on to your stems The stems were actually my favorite part of
this whole project so to do the stems it’s really easy I decided to use a back
stitch. A back stitch is really similar to the split stitch but instead when you go
to go back down you’re not going to be going through the last stitch- You’re
actually going to be going through the hole of your last stitch. You’re going to
pull up and you’re gonna go back down you’re not going to be going through the
stitch at all you’re just going to be going through the same spot that your
last stitch went through and this is what it looks like in
comparison to the split stitch. You can see the split stitch is just a whole lot
more raised and has a little bit more texture to it that’s why I decided to
use that for the letters because I really wanted my letters to pop but you
could use whatever stitches you want. I just continued across the jacket and
honestly I just went for it- I filled in whatever patches I thought I needed I
did some really short ones, some really tall ones and I left some stitches looser
than others I made some tighter than others. It’s a stem for a flower it really
doesn’t matter. I feel like right now is a perfect time for me to insert you grow
girl but I don’t want to be cheesy like that so you do you boo…that was still
cheesy but anyway and then after you do the stems you’re going to do with the
flowers so for the flowers I decided to do French knot. To do this you’re
going to pull through your fabric and then you’re gonna take the yarn that is
coming out of the fabric and you’re going to wrap it around your needle. You
can wrap it two or three times- Whatever you want. It kind of just depends on how
thick you want that petal for your flower to be. Going to go back through
your fabric and you’re going to pull through now. I did this really messily I
think that’s what made the flower so pretty. Some of them I wrapped around
two times. Some of them I wrapped around three times. Some of them I wrapped them
and then I twisted them all around so I did really tight. Some I did really
loose you just really have to play around with it and it’ll come together
in the end. French knots are kind of intimidating but once you get them down
it’s really not a big deal and I think this is the perfect project to learn
French knots on it because that’s exactly what I did. For the most part I
only did three petals to a flower and I kind of made it look like you were
looking at it from the side perspective but you could do it however you like and
the petals that I did really loosely I made sure to kind of connect them
together. As you can see here I’m just doing a back stitch to keep the petals
together and to help it to look more uniform and for the centers of the
flowers I did the exact same thing I did a French knot but I just made sure that
I did do a back stitch on each one to make sure that the center of the flower
stayed close to the flower. I didn’t want it to look too separated I wanted you to
be able to tell from afar that it was a flower.
Then this is what they look like when they’re finished and after you
finish all of your flowers- The last thing that you have to do is go on the
inside of the jacket and tie all of the loose yarn threads together and if you
wanted to you could add little dots a fabric glue to help keep it intact but
I’ve had my jacket for over two months now and I’ve washed it many times and it
still looks perfect and nothing is coming done. You can also give it a
really good iron and you’re finished! That is it for this project. I hope you
guys enjoyed! I had a really fun time at making it and I hope that you guys
enjoyed this video! If you did like it make sure to hit the like button and if
you want to see more DIY videos from me hit the subscribe button! I promise they
will get better with time- This is my first one and I’m still kind of figuring
it all out as you could probably tell. Thank you guys so much for watching and
I will see you all in my next one, Bye!

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  1. Yay! Your first video! I love it and your jacket is amazing! I wish everyone could have the pleasure of seeing it in person. ? Great job lil sis ?? Love you!

  2. This is so amazing! I can’t believe you made that. Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to see what you make next.

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