DIY Embroidered Shorts x SHMOXD Collab Challenge!
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Bryan: [Blupblupbrrrbropblipp!] Annika: [shocked laugh] That was terrifying! Bryan: [laughs] it’s so –
Annika: That’s going to be my intro! Just you doing that –
Bryan: [Blupblupbrrrbropblipp!] Just me just freaking out! [8 bit video game music plays] HELLO! Today I’m going to be doing a DIY challenge
with my friend, Bryan, from the Youtube channel “SHMOXD”. Shmox-ded? I don’t know how to pronounce it. Sorry Bryan. Anyway, we wanted to collaborate on a DIY
project together, so we set up a Skype call and figured out what our project should be! [Skype Noises] Bryan: Good, don’t mind me – I just have
chopsticks! Annika: [laughs] Why??! Annika: Hi, “Shmox-ed-d!” Bryan: “Shmox-ed-d”! Hey, Annika Victoria! I keep on saluting you. Annika: So – what are we doing here today? Bryan: So, we’ve been talking about this forever,
and I’m glad that it’s like finally happening, basically, what we decided on is like a collab
where we’re going to do the same, like, embroidery project, right? Annika: Mmhm. It’s going to be DIY vs DIY! …
Bryan: Oh, cool. A: *laughs* I’ve just decided on the, that’s
what it’s going to be called. B: Just decided on the name – it’s cool! I’ll roll with it! A: In this first episode, we’re both going
to try and tackle the same embroidery project. I am a beginner, at embroidery, I would say,
and I would say that YOU are a little bit better? B: —-
A: …at embroidery? B: Okay, that’s fair. I’m definitely no expert, but – we’ll see. A: You’re a level above, at least. A: Okay, so we’re going to do the same project,
and see how both of us approaches it, and how they both turn out. We’ve chosen a clip art image as our reference. You choose that – it is a… “peony”? Pee-ony? Pe-ony? B: Peon- I don’t know how to say it. “Pu-ny”. It’s a puny? It’s a real puny flower. Google translate lady: “Pe-ony”
A: Pe-ony. A: Sooo, we’re both going to try and embroider
a peony, a peony – B: Yes. A: From our reference image, and we’re both
going to do it on some denim, and then when we’ve done it we’re going to come back and
compare, and see how we went, and we’re going to take you guys, watching at home, through
the process, B: Right here. A: Um, of what we do! *laughs*
B: Cool! A: Alright – good luck! B: Should be good! A: Alright! B: Cool! A: Bye! B: Bye. Okay, so the item that I am going to attempt
to be embroidering with this peony image are these grey denim shorts. I think I’ll place the peony like, just underneath
one of the pockets here. I think that’ll look pretty cute. Now this particular pair of denim shorts has
been on quite the journey – when I first met them, they were already second-hand jeans,
that then became my “Clear-Knee-Mom” jeans, and then, later, my dirt-covered jeans. By the way, if you’re new to this channel,
if you’ve come from Bryan’s channel – I didn’t make those up, I have a series where I try
and recreate other “fashion” trends from the internet, and
that was 2 of them. Anyway, they’ve then got washed, so they weren’t
dirty anymore, but they still had dirt stains on them, so I also dyed them – I tried to
dye them black, and go impatient and took it out too early – but they ended up this
nice grey colour, which I actually like quite a lot, so I’m going to keep it like this,
and I’m going to use them to do some embroidery so let’s get started! Okay so first off I thought I’d be all fancy-like
and make a stencil that would show the different sections of the flower a bit more clearly,
so I brought the image into photoshop and I used the threshold function to get the outline
of the flower. I layered the original image temporarily on
top and I used it to draw the different sections of leaves and petals where the colours change,
and I ended up with this. A more simple stencil that shows all the different
parts clearly. I had planned to use embroidery tracing transfer
paper and trace over this image, which is WHY I made the simple stencil… but it turned
out that the embroidery transfer paper didn’t show up well enough on the grey denim fabric. So I ended up just going around the shape
in a water-soluble fabric marker – and then eyeballing this stencil design to
copy the different petal and leaf sections with my pen. So this is the outline to show me where I’m
going to be embroidering! OH and one more thing, I also cut out a square
of interfacing, which is this, and I ironed it to the inside of the shorts, behind the
peony design that I’d just drawn on, which will just help keep the finished embroidery
design stable, and keep the fabric more stable while I’m stitching. Then I set this outline design in an embroidery
hoop, and then I picked out a variety of green and pink embroidery threads, and then I began
stitching away. Oh and I think I should mention, I was able
to access the back of my design through the leg hole of the shorts – obviously, I don’t
wanna sew through two layers of fabric here because that would sew the leg hole closed. Time for a… timelapse! [music plays] So I started out with the green sections of
the peony, so that’s the leaves and the stem, because… well, I had to start somewhere! For the leaves, I threaded an embroidery needle
with 3 strands of embroidery floss – which I did eventually change to 6 strands because
it was taking so dang long. That 10 seconds of sped-up footage that you
watched just then? [sad music]
That was 4 hours of my life. [happy music resumes]
You might also notice that I didn’t fill in the leaves all the way to the ends of the
outline here… this was partly because I thought they looked a bit too big and partly
also to save time, ‘coz as I mentioned, it was taking a long. Dang. Time. Anyway… the pen I was using is water-erasable,
which means it dissolves in water, and it’s just a guide so I can get rid of that line
later on, it doesn’t matter… So, onwards and upwards! I eventually moved myself to the couch to
embroider, because if you’re going to spend hours of your life doing needlework, you might
as well do it in front of some Netflix! And that was another 3 hours of my life just
over in a short 15 seconds. Such is the fleeting nature of existen- Okay so I wanted to show you the type of stitch
that I used for all the leaves! The stitch that I used is called Satin Stitch,
and I’m doing a slightly modified version here to help me save on thread and make it
less messy at the back as well. So, to do this satin stitch I brought my needle
up next to the previous stitch, at the edge of the shape, and then I pulled the thread
all the way through. Then I brought the needle over to the other
side of the shape, next to the stitch I did previously, and I pushed the needle through,
and I brought all the thread through to the back. And then I repeated. And repeated. Annnnd repeated. Now, some things to note: There is a quicker
way to do this stitch by running the needle up and down in one swift move, but I’m not
good enough at embroidery yet, so I’m showing you the most beginnery-version possible. I’m also doing this without an outline stitch
– often a lot of people will do an outline stitch around the edges and then fill it in
with a satin stitch – but hey, I so do whatever works for you! I continued doing this stitch all the way
up to the top of the leaf. At the very top of the leaf, I started angling
the stitches towards the pointy bit, the top of the leaf, and then I finished it off with
a stitch that runs vertical, like this. And then it’s a simple matter of satin-stitching
back down the other side of the leaf, keeping inside the lines of that leaf shape that I
drew on earlier. So with the leaves now done, I decided that
I would just outline the stem of the flower. To do this I used a “Stem stitch”. A stem stitch is done something like THIS:
After I’d completed a simple stitch, I brought the needle up half-way along the previous
stitch, and then I brought it along the outline, to half the length of the last stitch, and
I brought my needle down through this point and pulled the thread all the way through. And I continued doing this for the rest of
the stem, and also finished off a sneaky little bit of a leaf there too. By the way, I’ve included links to some
much more clear and easier-to-understand tutorials for all of these stitch types that I’m mentioning,
which you can find in the description box below. ANNNND – after about 9 hours of my life,
the green bits are all done! Yaaaay! So, next I got out a bunch of pink threads,
and I began on the flower. I stitched each different section, so, each
petal, a slightly different shade of pink, moving from lighter shades at the top of the
flower, down to darker ones as I moved further down the flower. I also stitched the different sections using
really small stitches, all going in the same direction, and I blended the different sections
across each of the section’s line. I did all of this using just one stitching
technique which is called a “Long and Short Stitch”, which I’ll show you how to do
in more detail in just a second. Congratulations. You just watched another 6 hours of my life
pass by. …This video is becoming way more existential
that I intended it to be. But… it was at least at least good to know
that… I wasn’t the only one struggling. Welp, Bryan just sent me a progress message
that says… “Kill me”… so, moral is real high all round
at the moment *tired laugh*. Well, this is a good a time as any to show
you all how to do a long-and-short stitch! I’m obviously halfway through it here, but
you can notice that all the stitches that are next to each other are of different lengths. This is what helps blend the different sections
and it also gives the petal’s filling an organic look. All the stitches are approximately the same
length once I’ve finished with the first row – the first row is the only row where the
stitches are long, then short, then long, then short. And then stitches of the same length are stacked
upon each other in each subsequent row. Because I didn’t make too much sense there,
I’ve linked a very helpful video of how to do Long and Short Stitch in the description
box below, but this shows you how it looks once you’ve filled in a whole shape using
this technique. …I just put this down to have a little break…
and this is 16 and a half hours in. I thought that this would take maybe, 6, 7
hours at the most to do… and it is not even done yet. I had NOT anticipated how long this was going
to take. And finally, I’m up to filling in the last
petal, which I did with this dark red colour. This part only took 2 more hours… wooo! And this is the final stitch! Being! Stitched! The last thing that I have to do is to gently
handwash these shorts, to get rid of that water-soluble outline, and then I just wanted
to make nice cuffs for the bottom of the shorts, so I rolled the ends up once, twice, and I
put a couple of small hand-stitches through each leg to hold those cuffs in place. AND I am finally done. So, before I show you the final results, it’s
time to check back in with Bryan and see how his project is going. [Skype call sound] Annika: Helloooo again! Bryan: What’s up! Annika: Hi! Bryan: How’s it going? A: So – I have finished my shorts! Umm, it took… 18 hours! So that’s fun! B: God that, that’s like where I was at
A: How long did yours take you? B: I think I total it to… 28 hours? A: Whoooooooa. Okay. *Laugh*
B: But, I’m think I’m just slower. A: Sooo – we’re going to do the final reveal…
this is what mine looks like! [music plays] B: This is what mine looks like –
A: Whoa! Yours is gigantic! No wonder it took so long! Like – look – compared to the size of my hand! B: What if – what if you just have really
big hands? And I just have really small hands? A: Maybe? B: You wouldn’t know! A: *laughs* maybe! A: So, what did you do? B: Well no, it’s funny ‘coz I did the long-and-short
stitch as well – A: Ohh yeah! B: But like, differently I think. A: Whoa it’s so nicely blended! B: Oh, thank you! Yeah, that’s like, so I did really, I guess
like “wide” lines? Does that make sense? A: That’s kind of like the “Long and Short
Stitch” combined with a “Satin Stitch”. B: Well I did that and I did a “Chain” stitch
– I think that’s what they’re called? I did that for like all the –
A: The outlines. B: Yeah! All the green outlines. A: Yeah, that’s cool! I think mine would have taken 28 hours had
I outlined everything, but I was just like, no, I’m not going to do that, ‘coz I was gunna
go over all the different colours with an outline afterwards, but at 18 hours – I was
just like, I’m done. So – yeah, when we decided on doing this project,
we specifically were like: let’s do embroidery ‘coz embroidery is easy! We wanna choose an easy project! B: Then, 20 hours later… A: Mmhhmm! [laughs]
A: But, it was a good challenge! I wouldn’t have ever stitched – this is the
biggest thing I’ve ever stitched before! I don’t think I ever would have finished it
if I didn’t have someone else that was kinda relying on me to finish it for a video project. B: I don’t know if it’s the same for you,
like I’ve always wanted to like, have a big flower stitch on my jean jackets and so, but
I’ve never had a reason to? But it was really good. There’s so many stitches – like – have a guess,
how many stitches do you think you did? I would say easily a 1000, you know? I don’t know. A: Yeah, I would say a few thousand stitches,
at least. Definitely. Oh yeah! What does the inside of your garment look
like? A: So this is what the inside of mine looks
like… B: Oh yeah –
A: I’ve got some big old knots down there, but I think I did alright. B: Look how much less thread you have there. A: Yeah! B: Like mine is like, almost the exact opposite
on the opposite side – what am I trying to say? But yeah – you get it. A: Even though we called this a challenge,
I don’t know, I don’t really think we have a “winner”… do we want the audience to vote? B: No, well like I think that the idea, like
when we were doing the DIY vs DIY, wasn’t really to pick a winner? But rather to see two different ways of doing
the – A: Yeah! There’s two different ways of doing it. B: And that’s like, the beauty of art, I think. You know? A: It kills me, because part of me is extremely
competitive so I really want a winner – B: [laughs] You know, we can –
A: But it’s okay. We don’t need a winner [laughs]
A: Everyone’s a winner! That’s the beauty of DIY and art, everybody
wins. B: Everyone wins! A: [laughs]
A: Nah, yours – yours definitely has a different, like… yours is more like a “street style”
aesthetic? I would say! B: Yeah! I can see that! A: They have different aesthetics. BUT everyone wins. Don’t even worry about it. B: Everyone wins! A: Everyone. [whispering] But if you wanna say that I won…
like… you can say that I won – B: [whispering] No. A: [laughing] To see how Bryan made his embroidery, ‘coz
we both did it differently, and to also see the jacket he embroidered in full-HD-glory,
then check out his channel at… *sighs*… SHM-OX…D..D? Alright, I gotta ask him how it’s pronounced. Bryan: “Shmood”. Annika: Shmood?! B: Yeah, it’s a little – but however people
pronounce it, it’s good. Shmo-X-D, Shmox-d – there’s a weird long story
about it, but – A: Okay! [laughs] So go subscribe to… “SHMOOD”! A: He also just has awesome DIY videos in
general, so you should go and subscribe to him! Uh –
A: Go do it! B: Is this gunna work? A: HIGH FIVE! A: Cheeeyah! Insert high-five sound effect… powww! Bye! B: See yah! So, that’s it for this collaboration! Give us a thumbs-up if you’d like to see us
try some more challenges! I hope you enjoyed this video, and I’ll see
you all next time. Bye! Thank you to all of my supporters on Patreon
for making this video possible. To become my supporter, go to!

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