MAN: TerrApparel is a sustainable clothing
company, and we’re looking to be the first clothing company to use nothing
but 100 percent recycled fabrics. The thread that we make our shirts from is actually
very unique. It is 100 percent custom made for us by our specs, and it requires no
additional dyes for the color of the shirt. So, we’re working with a company
out of North Carolina that actually uses the color of the previous plastic to
make the colors of the new yarns. And so our blue shirt that we’re going to come
out with is actually a blend of white polyester and what they call their “water-bottle blue” polyester yarn to create our unique color. And so that is a really,
really cool thing that we’re able to talk about that no other companies that
I know of are able to boast about. WOMAN: We’ve spent a lot of time — hours every week. We
would just sit down — we’d leave meetings with different things to do. I was
usually looking for different aspects of the supply chain: how can we move things
together. It was extremely hard to find a place that would make 100 percent recycled yarn.
And then after that, to find a company that would weave 100 percent recycled
yarn. A year ago, I don’t think I would have had the confidence, but I think
being here at Clarkson and being surrounded by other people who are just
as innovative and who also have ideas, and to see the success that has come out
of Clarkson has made all the difference. I’m sitting down with people like the
Shipley Center in the Reh Center. You go in there expecting them to shut you down
and be like, “I don’t think this is gonna work — that’s way too far-fetched.” But you
walk in, and they’re excited, and they’re ready to go just as you are. MAN: My freshman
engineering and management class really gave me a great overview of what I could
expect going into starting a company, and gave me the confidence to know the
general outline of what I needed. Then being able to go to the Shipley
Center after that, to help me file for my LLC and give me just general tips on how
to keep progressing through my research and all the way up until getting funding,
has been absolutely crucial. My passion has definitely been ignited.

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