California Design Den Luxe🌺 100% Cotton Sheets (600 Thread Count) TWIN XL👈

welcome back to the channel I have a new
sheet set I got for my dorm room these sheets are the lux series from
California design den I’m hoping that these will be better than the sheets
I’ve been using my dorm and help me with the better night’s sleep
I’m home now which means that it’s summertime but my beds at school are
twin XL I’ve been using a sheets that I purchased in my school which is a
polyester cotton mix they’re not that comfortable in fact they’re really
scratchy at night and I have a hard time sleeping so let’s take a look at the box
as I mentioned these are from the California design dead they’re from the
lux series that are 600 thread count the sheets are 100% long staple combed
cotton as well they’re designed to get softer after each wash I love that
on the side of the box you’ll see all about California design den there’s even
a QR code if you want to do directly to their website here you have some more
information about the sheets what they’re designed for how they’re
designed and lots of certifications on their side so let’s get opening up all right so here are the sheets with
the box out of the way all right so I do want to point out right away that these
do come in a variety of colors right here I do have the white I just love the
cleanliness and purity of the color white so I like having that on my bed
they also come in different sizes so here I have the Quin XL for my college
dorm bed really so here on the inside you’ll find a list of things to make
sure you do keep your sheets in good condition all righty really soft better
than a lot better than sheets that I have I’m actually really impressed
though the helpful care instructions do say that you should follow the care
instructions that are listed on the label and after you wash them for me if
the sheets quickly clean the dryer so you don’t have a lot of wrinkles all
right so this is a twin extra long for this package I did get a top sheet a
fitted sheet in one pillowcase I do believe that once you get higher up like
a full and maybe a queen you do get two pillowcases but already these are just
so so so so soft much better than what I already have right now I did notice on
the fitted sheets here what try finding it but it does label the top and bottom
for you because I know as you get higher up in certain bed sizes and when you put
a fitted sheet on it can be such a hard thing to do because you don’t know which
is top which is bottom and another little thing is that for some
reason it’s always really hard for me to get that stuff on anyway so here’s the
nice label it says head slash foot this definitely helps you identify where you
need to put this on your face now I do like the quality of the tags I’m gonna
show you the one in pillowcase for you alright so here’s a closer look at the
tag here we do see Californian design den and on the bottom you can see that
this in particular is a standard pillowcase it’s a hundred percent cotton
and made in India it does show you some nice instructions on how to maintain and
wash and you know on the top it does say gentle cycle washed separately good good
key notes if you want to make this set a long lasting set I do want to show you
the quality of this elastic another thing I have a problem with fitted
sheets in particular it’s the elastic it’s stretched out or I end up you know
stretching it out because I’m putting it on the wrong side or something like this
but this is nice it’s gonna be it’s gonna definitely stay in place and you
don’t have to worry about always having to put it on every night alright so here
we have the top sheet the top sheet is very very soft just like the rest and
wow I just I love the feeling of this it feels so luxurious and very very clean
and like I said you can get this in other colors I just chose white because
I like having white sheets but Wow like this is gonna make a night’s sleep
really really peaceful also like I noticed soft sheets tend to you know
keep cool I like sleeping in a cooler area and why I think this is gonna make
every thanks so much better some sheets
they’re so thin you can practically see through them but these they’re very very
thick very thick yet very light at the same time and so soft.i the quality and
stitching on here is pretty immaculate I will say very thick here’s a closer look
at the stitching as you see it’s nicely done
you can there’s a lot of quality in this already and I can’t wait to put these on
my bed at school alright so I’m going to get these washed put them on my bed at
school I can’t wait to have such a nice sleep after this I’ve been wanting nicer
sheets and I think these are going to do the job so much better than what I
already have all right so that is a look at the California design dead twin excel
sheets please check the description section below for any dimensions
measurements or any answers to any questions you have please the like
button subscribe to our channel for more reviews thanks for watching

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