Bernina 215 02 Needle Threader

Speaker 1: The Bernina needle threader is
wonderful once you learn how to use it. First off, I usually like to lower down the presser
foot. That puts a little resistance on this thread. You make sure you have the presser foot up
when you’re threading the machine, then that thread gets in the tensions properly. Here’s
what you want to do. You want to do it in three separate steps. As you bring it down on the side, you’re going
to swoop the thread around this little gray nub here. Catch it on the way down. Push down
all the way. That’s not all the way. Push it down around the needle. Come on this side
and just lay the thread back. I usually lift it up. That way, the little hook can get ahold
of it. I’m holding on to this thread very gently
with my right hand. As I let go with my left hand, that will pull a loop all the way through
to the back side. We’re ready to sew. We’re going to lift up the presser foot. Put
the thread underneath the foot and to the back, the little groove in the side to do
just that.

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  1. I'm planning on buying this Bernina. Thank you for such clear instructions. I know I'll be referencing your videos frequently.

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