Armless Tailor Makes Clothes – With His Feet

COMM: Madan Lal has now been a tailor for 22 years, but getting into the trade wasn’t easy for him. COMM: After a year of training, Madan returned to his
hometown to open up his own shop.

100 thoughts on “Armless Tailor Makes Clothes – With His Feet

  1. Can we help him with donation to get artificial hands? ???. Don't worry brother who would receive greater reward in heaven

  2. मदन भैया आप उन लोगों के लिये एक शिक्षा हो जिनके हाथ ,पैर सही सलामत होते हुए भी जो चोरी और लूटपाट जैसा घिनोना काम करते है.

  3. Touching my heart ! life is not easy . Don't hesitate go to ahead & struggling is real life . Keep up to work . "God bless you always '
    my brother .

  4. The fact that he can do anything that people with 2 arms can do, except people won't let him have a job which I just horrible. It isn't hid fault that he has no arms, just 2 legs. And the fact that f can make clothes, tighten a screw, and shave his face, is just amazing. If i do that with my toes, my feet cramp up and stiffens up really hard and I have to use my hands to click my foot back into place.

    I am proud of you sir, of you lived in the UK, and you were applying for a job. I would definitely hire you, so you can get paid for your amazing hard work, and it can teach people that people who are born different, learn different ways to do the same things people who were born without the disabilities.

    Edit;I am deaf, born deaf and it is a struggle sometimes. But what he can do is just *gasp* amazing

  5. E ભગવાન કા અવતાર હે જો ઇન્સાન કો બટાટા હે ના મુંકીન કૂછ ભી નથી

  6. وناس عده ايد وكامله الخلقه وتلكيه تكدي بالشوارع هذا مذا للعجزه

  7. ईस हौसले के लिए आप को बहुत बहुत सलाम भगवान आप को हमेशा सुखी रखे

  8. So much respect I have for you sir…. I don't have any words to describe… All I have is I can pray for your happiness… God bless you with all the good things in your life….

  9. You save lots of life… When even i got depressed ..i always remember you… True warrior…

  10. Oh My goodnesss! !!!! I left with no words …only tears in my eyes ….? …. with my two hands i look handicap in front of you Sir… Thank You so so so much for inspiring me……………………

  11. अच्छा हुआ किसी अल्ला और भगवान के भरोसे नहीं रहा ।

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