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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel
my name is Jazmine and today I’m going to be showing you guys what I got in my
April trunk club box so as you can see I got a lot of spring pieces in
this box and yeah let’s start off with the shoes because I got two pairs of
shoes well two pairs of heels so first pair of heels I got is from Vince Camuto
but I really like these heels a lot like these are super cute I do like how the
heel is pretty thick which means that’ll be very easy to walk in
unfortunately I do have a pair of heels that are very similar to these but
they’re a little bit taller and I don’t really wear those so I don’t wanna get
these so that way I don’t really wear them so last pair of heels I got are from
Steve Madden and I guess these are the ballerina strap heel I don’t really know what
they’re called but you’re supposed to wrap these straps around your legs I
really like the color of these heels though like if they just didn’t add straps and
just left it like a regular heel with like a regular strap then I’ll
probably get it because I love Steve Madden a lot yeah this is a constant struggle
I really don’t like okay let’s move on to the rack so the first thing that I got is
from faithful the brand and it’s this really pretty seafoam crop top
but it’s like a tube it’s like in the description it said that it was like a crop top but I like
say it’s like a more of a tube top since it doesn’t have no straps and it’s
like a linen material and it’s super cute the buttons are sewed in so you can’t unbutton them which I don’t really mind I do like how it like stretches out
that is pretty tight around my breast area which is cool but it is very open
and loose towards the bottom which I don’t know how I feel about it, to be honest.
I’ve seen on the model that it comes with pants like matching pants so I wish
that my stylist would of sent me the pants So I can see how it’s with the shirt
overall am I keeping this no because this shirt cost a hundred and thirty-nine dollars and I’m like that’s just a lot of money So the next two items I got are both from Reformations well this one I guess this is the Reformation jeans line and this is
like the regular Reformation in line let’s start with the top first so I do
like how it fits me especially around my breast area I don’t really like where
the straps are place because it kind of looks weird and the straps are pretty
long which makes it loose on my shoulders since I small shoulders the
material is very stretchy it does feel a little bit heavy though I honestly am
not getting to shirt moving on to the skirt So the skirt is all black with Daisy prints on it I was actually very
exciting when I seen that I was receiving this
and my box after trying it on I realized that it is very thin and let me
tell you guys this majority of Reformation clothes are
very thin okay I have a couple of Reformation clothes so I can be like all
anti-Reformation and like all that stuff but I do feel like for enough
prices because majority of their stuff is over $100 I feel like their clothes
should be like not as thin as they are because this is very thin like I will
have to wear like a slip at least it’s not see through. At least I, like yeah it’s
kind of see through a little bit So I’m not keeping this is very cute I like it
a lot I like the concept I love the slit right here I just don’t like how thin it
is so the next item that I got is from the Love, Fire and it’s this tube bodysuit and I absolutely love the color I think this is such a pretty light pastel lavender color I don’t like the top of the bodysuit because what it does it squeezes since it shows the elastic band it squeezes my
breast area and makes it look really weird like I hate when I see those type
of shirts because it just makes it makes your boobs really weird it makes them
look like a different type of shape I don’t like it it’s not even that
comfortable it’s extremely tight so not only does it look weird it’s like
squeezing me. Okay next, I got these Levi’s shorts so I like the style of
these I like how they’re distressed at the bottom I also like how they’re not booty shorts because I’m not going to lie my stylist did send me some booty shorts but around the waist area it’s pretty loose like when I bend down you can definitely see how loose it is
I’m still conflicted on whether or not I want to keep this because I don’t have
any shorts these are pretty cute I do like how they look on me but they’re not
really comfortable to like sit in really so next I got this long-sleeve shirt
from BP this shirt is very thin is a light weight which is nice I do like how
it has the lettuce trim at the bottom only thing is that this is see-through
and I will have to wear like a special bra for it I also like that these type
of shirt that have this type of like neckline because it makes my boobs look really
nice so if it wasn’t like very see-through if it wasn’t see-through and
it I wasn’t so afraid to get it dirty I would keep it but yeah no not keeping it at all
alright next I got this white dress from Leith bodycon dress it’s scrunches up on the left side and it has a little slit at
the bottom like a flower slit I would say so I don’t really like this dress
because this top part it looks like a tube top because you have these
trimmings on the sleeves and the trimming on the neckline so if you just
like cut it off you can just basically wear like a crop tube top and then I also
don’t like the material because it feels like a t-shirt material and it just it
feels pretty weird also the top part is pretty loose on me and this is an extra
small too next item that I got is also another dress and
it’s from ASTR the label and I love the color it’s like a plum mauve color this
would be really nice to wear to like a formal event the only thing is that the
straps are pretty loose on me that’s like a common problem that I have is
that straps will be pretty loose since I have small shoulders if I did keep this
I would have to tailor the straps and I don’t really feel like doing that so we
just not going to keep it at all so the next time I got is from Topshop it’s this denim crop jacket and
I first of all it’s pretty stiff but what I usually like to do is put like
stiff jackets and our stiff pants into my dryer for like 20 to 25 minutes and
that would like help it like loosen it up but I didn’t do that to this jacket because I didn’t know if I was going to keep it or not so I like my denim jackets to be
oversize like I already have a denim jacket from Topshop that’s oversize and
I absolutely love and I wear all the time but I don’t know I just didn’t, I just wasn’t in love with it and I don’t want to get it in with a
bigger size and then they send it to me and I like I don’t love it you know. So the
last item that I got is from Topshop and it’s a acid wash pink denim jacket I was really
curious about this because I love the color of it and I do like how its
cropped but I just don’t like how it looked on me I just wasn’t feeling it I
think I’m just so in love with the other denim jacket I got from Topshop now I’m
just like you know I just can’t commit to another denim jacket but it is pretty
cute I do like the color of it I just wasn’t fully in love with it so that’s
all the items that I got in my April trunk club box I know that I said I’m
not keeping majority of the stuff I do really like what my stylist sends me I
just don’t like how it looks on me and sometimes the pricing you know it can be a lil bit pricey
but I do like how my stylist does send me a lot of different clothing that I normally
won’t pick out for myself but it’s really nice it’s just unfortunately like
I just don’t like the way it looks on me so therefore I’m not gonna purchase
it but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video please like comment and subscribe
and I’ll talk to you guys next time

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