Amigurumi Seamless Join (right-handed version)

[music] Hi. This is June from PlanetJune and today
I’m going to show you a method for joining together pieces of amigurumi
to give a really neat, smooth finish. I’m going to demonstrate using this Dimetrodon
dinosaur that I’ve been working on. When you’re joining pieces together in amigurumi, you’ll usually join an open-ended piece, like
this sail here, to a closed piece, like the body of the dinosaur, and that’s what this method is used for. To begin, place the open piece against the
closed piece in the correct position. You can pin it into place if you want. It usually isn’t necessary, but with a larger
piece like this it can be helpful. Now what we’re going to do is look at the
stitch on the open piece: here are the two loops of one stitch. You’ll be stitching through both of those
loops. And what you want to do is look at where that
stitch hits the closed piece, and we’re going to insert the needle directly
below that. So here I’ve started with this stitch. I’m going to insert the needle directly below
that stitch on the closed piece, and bring it up at the same point directly
below the next stitch, and pull through. Now we insert the needle beneath both loops
of the next stitch on the open piece, and pull through. Now here’s what makes this method special:
what we’re doing is, when we make this stitch over the closed piece, we’re coming out of, and going back into,
the same hole. So what we can do is pull the stitch very
tight, and what this does is makes the stitch almost
invisibly small, and pulls the open piece right down, so it makes a very smooth line against the
closed piece. To make this really clear, I’m going to do
a few stitches with a contrasting colour of yarn, so you
can really see what I’m doing. So here we’ve come out of one stitch on the
open piece. We’re going back into the stitch below that
on the closed piece, and come out directly below the next open
stitch. We’ll pull that through, and we’ll pull it
tight. We’ll go up under both loops of the next stitch
on the open piece, go back into the same stitch we came out of,
and come out at the stitch directly below the next stitch
on the open piece. We’ll pull that through, and then we pull
it tight. And it’s this pulling it tight that really
makes the difference. You can see the size of the stitch goes to
almost nothing, and that’s why the join is almost invisible. When it’s finished, you have a really neat
seam, and it’s almost impossible to see the stitches. So this is really the best way to get a good
finish on your amigurumi.

71 thoughts on “Amigurumi Seamless Join (right-handed version)

  1. Thanks June!
    I tried this while attaching the plates on my Stegosaurus, and it worked really well!
    Demonstrating with the contrasting colour helps a lot, and the final join looks perfect.

  2. I've been struggling with joining pieces of my amis–this is going to help so much. Thanks for posting such a clear, concise video and for coming up with such a wonderful method of joining!

  3. This was great. Thanks June! Do you have any tips on how to join pieces that are different colors? (Especially two open pieces that are different colors?)

  4. hello June. i am 16 years old and found your method extremely helpful. this worked for me and my friends. we thank you dearly.

  5. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I was so frustrated with sewing this one piece on. I just couldn't get it to look right. Your video helped a TON.<3

  6. Thanks a lot. I wanted to ask is there a specific way in which you tie the joined parts together after sewing it? In few of my amigurumi, some of the joined parts comes apart sometimes. And i believe it is because i am tying it incorrectly.

  7. I'm very experienced with crochet, and have been making a number of Amigurumi recently… and I still found this tutorial insightful!!

    One question, do you have any suggestions on securing the thread once you're finished? I've just been pushing the needle back and forth through the inner stuffing, doubling back, to secure the end of the yarn before trimming it. I'm looking into selling my Amigurumi now, and I was wondering if there was a more secure method to secure the end of the yarn?

  8. I'm going to try this stitch on the piece I'm currently putting together.  Thank you very much for sharing your technique and making it perfectly clear in your video.

  9. ахуеть заебись вообще ништяк! сшил подобную хуйню за 20 минут спасиба тутор за помош!!! 

  10. I almost do that exact thing but i didn't insert into the same stitch which would definitely be a cleaner line. Thanks for the tip!!

  11. Hi June,
    First of all thank you for your book The Complete Idiots Guide to Amigurumi. It is a great book. I don't know why it's called Idiot's Guide, I think it should have a less insulting name. Something like Amigurimi for Everyone. Anyway all that aside the book in my opinion is for everyone. It covers just about everything a crocheter should know. Thank you for a wonderful book.
    A big thank you for doing your tutorials for left and right handed so. The only thing I do is write with my left hand but sew with my right hand. I just discovered from watching your tutorial that I start sewing from the left handed side. No wonder I used to get mixed up in home economics class. Oh well I managed over the years to figure things out, although I never liked doing things if others were watching. Best wishes Dorothy Atkinson

  12. I love this! I'm making a giant stuffed Totoro, and wasn't sure how I should attach all the separate pieces. Thank you! ^_^

  13. Fantastic tutorial, very clear. It help me very much to join my amirugumi parts properly ( invisible join). Thank you very much!

  14. much appreciated for your valuable tutorials (..being a newbie, i was in dilemma when it comes to the joins ) this had truly helped a great deal. thank you !

  15. Brilliant! I'm making Hello Kitty for my father (How Cute) and I wanted the best stitch for it. Normally I don't care, as I make them for my self. But this is too special.

  16. What a great tip, this has been my bugbear, my stitches have always been fine, but I never knew how to joking limbs etc neatly.

  17. thank you. Do you have a video showing more clearly attaching legs and arms? That seems to be so hard for me to get right, I can alaways see many mistakes and takes me forever. Ty

  18. Perfect. Thank you so much for teaching this finish. He had been looking for the best way possible for a long time. I loved. 😍

    Perfeito. Muito obrigada por ensinar esse acabamento. Vinha procurando a melhor forma possível há muito tempo. Eu amei. 😍😘🤗

  19. Thank you SO much. I looked at some other tutorials but yours was by far the easiest and tidiest method. I'm working on my very first amigurumi piece and will use this method going forward!!

  20. Hi June, I love your tutorials, they are easy to follow and concise. I have a 6yr grandson and would like to do a couple of amigurumi dinosaurs for him as I've only seen him when born and at 18mths as we live a very long way away. He loves dinos. Thanks

  21. your voice is so pleasant, it was as if princess diana had come back to life to do this tutorial. thank you!

  22. You are genius. Thank you!!! I have been wanting to do an amigurumi, but I am such a perfectionist, that I haven't started because I want it perfect. I am scouring your videos and learning a wealth of techniques. I shall be brave and do a small one … I may even send a pic to you when I've completed it. THANK YOU!!

  23. Thanks for The video! Just finished crocheting my first amigurumi and this will make a big difference Joining the parts to my project.

  24. I really appreciate that you showed how to make the stitch in a different color. Made it really clear and even I could follow you ^^‘

  25. This is a fantastic tip!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! I'm definitely going to be using it to join pieces together! You have the very best Amigurumi tips and your finished pieces are just beautiful! I've crocheted for quite a while but am new to Amigurumi…. I'm saving all your tips and tricks and will be using them as I work to make my Amigurumi the best that it can be!! It's wonderful to have your knowledge available to us Amigurumi lovers….You're just invaluable!! Thank you, June! Char from Phoenix, Arizona 🌵🌵🌵🌞🌡️☀️🌡️🌝🌡️

  26. Very helpful. Not I won’t have lumpy stitches when I sew my pieces together!! Life changing. I mean if your life is crochet, which mine is. 🤪

  27. Wow! Thank you for showing this with a contrasting color. I could never "get it" before. Ready to try it now!

  28. Thank you! I make a lot of donuts and ice cream cones, now working on pumpkin pies for the holidays, and was getting so frustrated my seams were showing and was making my work look messy.

  29. I have plenty of June’s patterns and it’s always a pleasure to made them. They are so clear and if you have any questions, you can get in touch with June. She has many smart tips for crochet works. Thank you very much June! Grillotte from Etsy 🇧🇪

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