3 Simple DIY No Sew Fashion Hacks to Customize Your Clothes

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to BlueprintDIY. Angelina here to show you how to custom DIY
clothes inspired by sites like Zara, Top Shop, and
Asos. I don’t know if you guys are like me but I love looking at different fashion sites to get inspiration for a DIY project. So if you like to customize your clothes
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you don’t miss a thing. Ok, so we’re going to start off with these
slogan pumps that I really like on Zara’s website. They are on sale right now for $40, but mine
cost a whopping whole dollar. For this super easy project, I started off
with these red leather kitten heel pumps that I found at my local
thrift outlet for $1, some white fabric paint that I already had,
and a really small, stiff paint brush. Now I’m just going to freehand my message
along the edge here. Ok, so now it’s confession time. I wanted to paint something meaningful like
freedom and diversity because I think that when we accept each other’s
differences, only then will we truly be free. Great message right. But, if you’re going to make a statement you
should really spell it correctly. When I realized this (while editing mind you),
I literally laughed out loud at myself. But, I was able to get some of the letters
off with a q-tip and some alcohol. Then I just repainted it correctly. I need to invent spell check for DIY projects. I found that painting the letter on really
thin first, then going back to fill it in was the best
method for this. So, here’s the finished product. With my custom slogan heels, I created a monochromatic look by pairing them with these shimmery red
socks, some cropped high-waisted jeans, and a red
sleeveless mock neck sweater which is perfect for layering when you live
in a warmer region. To top it off I layered on this burnt sienna
three quarter sleeve blazer and this amazing cross body bag that was inspired
by the channel le boy bag. Definitely, let me know in the comments what
your custom slogan heels would say and how you would style them. Ok, so next up are these cropped frayed high
waisted jeans that I have just fallen in love with. Here, Top Shop has them in a flared version and Zara has a straight leg version. I especially love to see skinny boots disappear
underneath them. And I find high-waisted jeans at the thrift
store too much not diy this one. So, I went to my local thrift outlet and got
these two pair for $1.75 each. One is more of a straight leg and one is kind
of wide. While I have them on, I’m going to add a pin
halfway between the fattest part of my calf and my ankle. Then, I just cut them across where the pin
was. Cutting with dull scissors makes the fraying
process easier. Ok, so then you can begin to pull your strings
by hand or you can just throw them in the washing
machine. And the more you wash them, the better they’ll
look. I pulled my strings by hand and then washed
them for the perfect look the very first time. Of course, I had to pair these with some sock
boots, then I just threw on a band tee and grabbed
this cute clutch. I like outfits like this because you look
put together but it took absolutely no thought. Ok, so last but certainly not least I’ve been
loving all these sweater with ribbon, or ties, or things like that. So, I decided to create my own version inspired
by this trend. I started with this cream sweater that I found
new with tags at my local thrift store. It’s important when choosing a sweater for
this project, that you look for one where the openings run
vertically. Then I purchased suede lace from my local
fabric store. You can really use any type of ribbon or cording
for this. I’m thinking of doing another on with this
parachute cord. So, you’ll just take the suede lace and thread
it back and forth through the holes of the sweater. When you get to the end just cut it at your
desired length and that’s pretty much it. I paired this sweater with these sick faux
suede culottes and bring the whole thing together with these
brown Dolce Vita pumps that lace up on the sole, they lace up on the sole. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. So, there you have it three super easy custom
DIY fashion hacks inspired by some of my favorite online sites. What are some of your favorite sites and brands
to look at for inspiration? Let me know in the comments and give this
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